2014 Modern Doll Collector Convention - Deja Vu by Tonner Doll Company

Two lovely Deja Vu dolls debuted at the Tonner "At The Races" event at the Modern Doll Collector Convention on Saturday 9/13/14.

Centerpiece Emma Jean "Moonlit Ball"

Emma Jean Day at the Races Souvenir Doll 

There is no information yet on availability or prices. Keep watching my page on Facebook for more information.


  1. I love her clothing lines and the concept of her creation but am put off by her size being too different from bjd and El dolls I already have [so I can't mix and match styles and outfits with others]. And most of all the open mouth thing [like she's ready to be roadkill in the next second] and the painted eyes. Major kudos to Tonner for design and time themes and being on the cover of Dolls magazine [as well as sending out free copies of the magazine which I still need to call them and thank them for]

  2. Oh wow, love the outfit on Moonlit Ball!

  3. Both outfits are looking so pretty.
    Jaslynn from Bizbilla b2b portal

  4. Looks like Moonlit Ball is now out- she is so pretty but ouch that price for a plastic doll! I wish the outfit was available separately...

  5. I haven't bought any of these but I really like what I'm seeing. Most of all they look like FUN!!! kinda expensive fun...but fun.
    as always love the blog.
    Will C.

  6. Totally agree that the dolls are fun, that the reincarnation/time theme is solid, and the clothes are outstanding. I, too, wish they would make more of the clothing available separately. I *think* I've reached my saturation point with the dolls themselves, though I am tempted by Emma Jean with the raven or chestnut hair (the one I have is the platinum-haired Slight Chill).