Amazon.Com for Toys and Dolls?

I have purchased many dolls and other items at Amazon through the years. 

A doll collector friend sent me some information yesterday about a book which is directed towards pedophiles and instructs them on how to avoid getting arrested and more. Amazon was challenged on several fronts about their selling of this book.

Re: Pedophilia's Publication Promoted on Amazon
Though they  removed the book after being inundated with protests Amazon already legitimized the pedophiliac's written publication and the very act of pedophilia by putting it on the mainstream website
They said "Amazon does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts"
I guess they do not deem molesting children a criminal act!!!
I am asking everyone I know to NOT purchase anything from Amazon for the months of November and December (I am hoping they are hit hard enough financially to see how outrageously unacceptable their actions were).
She asked me to let people know about this on my blog.
Well if you feel like reminding doll collectors on your blog that their toy purchases from Amazon might be better spent at an online store that doesn't support and profit from pedophilia - feel free.
I am hoping for there to be some financial impact (at least during Nov/Dec)  for their promotion of this pedophile - and their profit off of this entire situation.
It was and is beyond disgusting and the damage has been done - perhaps fiscal damage will be something Amazon understands.
They certainly don't recognizing the rape and molestation of children as damaging as they vehemently defended the issue as a "free speech" one.

You decide.


Aphrodisiac in Jamieshow and Alex in Stolen Moments

Aphrodisiac Avantguard wears a Jamieshow gown from Angelic Dreamz. I was so happy to get this at the convention from George.

Here's the new Virtually Stunning Alex once more. I've changed her wig and dressed her in "Stolen Moments" an outfit from the Ashton-Drake Gene Marshall line.

Alex is starting to look really good. I need to darken her lips and move away from the red to a plum tone. I was trying out some colors using Photoshop. If only I could transfer those results from the monitor onto the doll.

I like her better this way. I also made her eyes look better by decreasing the size of the pupil.


Not Doll Related - Music Soothes the Soul

Billy Joel and Elton John sing and play "Piano Man"

Tentative Plans: Sandra Stillwell Presents Convention for 2011

San Francisco here we come for "Golden Gate Glamour" on June 3-5, 2011.

Details are not finalized. More information forthcoming.

Please let Sandra know that you are interested in attending.  502 3775153



Tonner Tuesdays

Every Tuesday at noon EST, Tonner Direct posts sales which last until 5PM. The items are an assortment and are different every week. 
Tonner Image
 I want this Antoinette outfit called Incendiary. I'm not a fan of the gloves but I love the style of the dress and the print. Antoinette fashions fit the Avantguard dolls. Most of the Antoinette outfits were originally in the $99.99 (MSRP) range which is not exactly user friendly. Now it is on sale for $49.99. Unfortunately, there is also shipping and NY tax which brings it up to an unfriendly price again. So I will wait until nearby non-New York dealers put it on sale or hunt it down on the boards.

Tonner Photo
Most dolls are categorized as "Dressed Dolls" or "Ultra-Basic Dolls." Here's one that's classified as "Semi-Dressed."
Tonner Photo
Kermit is not on sale but the 11 inch Basic Miss Piggy is. She is $39.99.

I really wonder how popular this line has been as I haven't seen collectors posting photos of these characters. If you have these dolls, I'd love to hear from you about them.


EBay - Opting Out

Yesterday another collector informed me that a seller was using one of my photographs in their auction. How did he know? My name and copyright were clearly on the image. Today the auction was ended either by eBay (I filed a complaint) or by the seller, who apparently did not understand English or thought he was doing the right thing. He may have been!
I  checked eBay's rules about intellectual property and was dumbfounded by what I found.
First of all, there are so many links to follow that I felt like giving up.  One has to opt out of a program in which eBay can add your photos to their catalog for other sellers to use. I can't even find the catalog to see if any of my other pictures are in there. I checked my preferences and apparently I am already opted out.

I'm not going to waste space here copying the text of eBay's skewed policy so here is the link. 
What I want to know is where is this catalog? I did a search for 'doll' in their catalog and came up with nothing so how did this seller find my picture? He claimed that was where he got it.

I have sold books and cameras and the eBay system offered images and text for those items but I have never been offered a picture of a doll. Maybe the jerky seller thinks my Flickr account is an eBay catalog.

Meaningless, random, cute elephant image.

Jason Wu's Alex - Redux

I've been playing dolls for more than two weeks now and it's time to get back to real life if I can figure out where I left it. Before I do that I wanted to get Alex just right. I was working at that when I just had to get out the scissor and hack off all of her hair. I fitted a 5/6 RnD wig to suit her face. She is dressed in an older Madame Alexander Amanda outfit called Unmatched Elegance. Shoes are Gene's.

 She will stay like this for a while. I'm not so sure about her lips. They're flat looking because of the way they're painted. I'd like to give them some depth with shading. And I will try other wigs on Alex.
 I love the way she can sit upright and cross her legs.

Here is Aphrodisiac Avantguard wearing Alex's dress and hat. The dress had to be pinned in the back to make it fit properly.

For the first time since getting the Mini Gene dolls, I redressed several of them. I love these dolls. For me the Mini Gene sculpt is Jason's best ever! I wish there were going to be more.

Red Desire wearing a Monogram Suit
Midnight Lace Wearing Smoldering Monogram Outfit


Contest. Enter to Win. Caption This!


Brenda took her corporate headhunting job much too literally! 
Who is anonymous?
Because we don't know who anonymous is, the second place winner will get the prize:
"Hmmm....when I said I wanted to get 'ahead' on the casting couch, this was NOT what I had in mind."

Let's play a game. Write a caption for this picture and post it. The winner, judged by my husband, will receive a gift. Contest will be open for a few days. Multiple entries are permitted. If you post as "Anonymous" please make up a name for yourself so I can respond if you win.