Jason Wu's Alex - Redux

I've been playing dolls for more than two weeks now and it's time to get back to real life if I can figure out where I left it. Before I do that I wanted to get Alex just right. I was working at that when I just had to get out the scissor and hack off all of her hair. I fitted a 5/6 RnD wig to suit her face. She is dressed in an older Madame Alexander Amanda outfit called Unmatched Elegance. Shoes are Gene's.

 She will stay like this for a while. I'm not so sure about her lips. They're flat looking because of the way they're painted. I'd like to give them some depth with shading. And I will try other wigs on Alex.
 I love the way she can sit upright and cross her legs.

Here is Aphrodisiac Avantguard wearing Alex's dress and hat. The dress had to be pinned in the back to make it fit properly.

For the first time since getting the Mini Gene dolls, I redressed several of them. I love these dolls. For me the Mini Gene sculpt is Jason's best ever! I wish there were going to be more.

Red Desire wearing a Monogram Suit
Midnight Lace Wearing Smoldering Monogram Outfit


  1. Your two mini-Gene redresses are fabulous.

  2. Hello Terry... Love your Blog!
    Could you tell me if all the cards that came with the "ALEX" dolls are all blank? That is,there are no written numbers in the line telling which number you recieved out of 150. I have all 4, but have just opened the first 2. Is it just mine???
    Thanks so much..I so enjoy this blog..should be a book with its wealth of information and greatly appreciated opinion. Sincerely Michelle

  3. The mini Genes are gorgeous.

  4. Definately an improvement in the bang area! This wig really softens her face. One of the Alex's should have been painted ala Platinum Paris, meaning a more natural, fresh pallette, which would have been perfect for this Alex. Teri, maybe soften the lip color, and remove the blue from under her eye?

  5. @Steve: Thank you for your comments. When I get more courage (IF) I will definitely soften the lips. I do like her eyes.

  6. Just a humorous aside: I have read many people commenting about dolls crossing thier legs in a "lady like" manner. I am apparently dated as back in my day ladies did not cross thier legs, LOL. According to proper etiquette when sitting knees would be pressed tightly together as were the ankles. Ankles could also be crossed. The back was kept straight and a lady never leaned against the back of the chair. But today I would supposed a "lady like" crossing of the legs is better than a "free show" in a mini skirt, LOL.