Introducing Madame Eshe from Angelic Dreamz

Angelic Dreamz revealed their spectacular new Jamieshow doll, Holiday 2011 Madame Eshe.  I will let the photos speak for themselves. 

Madame Eshe $475. LE 50
Madame Eshe peers out with Royal Blue Eyes and pale skin tone, her Royal Highness has Golden Eyeshadow real eyelashes, upswept golden blonde hair with trailing curls down her back.  Her gown is de rigor, Red Silk satin in multiple layers with intricate gold details and lace cuffs.  An elaborate (and separate) bustle in crimson and gold stitching design adorn and support her massive gown.  Ruching, gold pearls and white lace adorn her elaborate gown.  Red Crock and Leather shoes.  Wig cap is rooted and interchangeable and comes with smooth cap for regular wigs as well.  She comes with her royal gold crown by Facets.

Click on the photograph (or here) to be magically transported to the AD website where you can see more pictures and get information on this stunning new doll.


Integrity Toys announced the second W Club doll for W Club 2011 members. Actually it is three dolls which pleased many collectors. The collection is called Rock Fashion Wedding. The dolls are very attractive and edgy. I would prefer Erin without buck teeth but that can be easily repainted.

W Club members can order the collection for $330 plus shipping. If ordered separately, the total would be $360.

I will order the set not actually knowing if I will keep any part of it as I don't collect the NuFace dolls any longer. I don't have a problem with pre-order deposits, but the way things have been going with shipping delays, waiting 6 or more months for a pre-ordered doll has become the norm. Expected shipping is Spring 2012 — 4 to 6 months away. The required deposit is $75. per set of three dolls.

I like the lingerie and the filmy net skirt on Lillith. I see draping problems with the shorter skirt. It looks like there are folds that go horizontally out to the hips and an inverted pleat front and center.  That does not work at all.

Is the top of the net skirt made from the same material as the lingerie? I wonder if Erin's dress is also 2-piece? That would be cool. Her dress looks all black but the under layer is purple - the same color as Romain's scarf.

Here is my Photoshopped version of Erin's mouth.

I realize that some live models have a pouty-raised-upper-lip-thing going on but apparently it's difficult to translate to a doll. The 2011 Bergdorf Fashion Night Out doll had the same buck-tooth issue and it was for that reason I did not keep her in my collection. I like open mouth dolls as much as closed mouth dolls (I love Vanessa) but the teeth to lip ratio and proportion needs to work.

The male of the trio, Romain Perrin, is probably right up there with the best designed males they've ever done. One can only hope that the outfit fits as well as it looks like it does. He will be very, very popular.

FDQ Holiday Special

This is a repost of FDQ's Holiday Special offer.

Welcome to Fashion Doll Quarterly! We hope you are enjoying the holiday season. We decided it's time to give out some special gifts to our wonderful customers this season, so if you purchase anything on our site during the month of December, you may win a doll or outfit from our studio!

Over the years, we have accumulated wonderful dolls from every manufacturer in the business- from Barbie to Vita and everything in between. And so, every day at 5pm (EST) we will randomly pull an order from the day's listings. That lucky person will win a free doll or outfit!

You never know what it may be- a vintage repro Barbie, a Fashion Royalty girl, JamieShow, Tonner, Volks, Dollheart. Anything is possible. It's a great way for us to celebrate the holiday season (and to clean out our photo studio for the new year).

Start your shopping with TONNER: Two Decades of Fashion & Design (below). It's a wonderful gift for the Tonner collector, and it makes a great club gift or stocking stuffer, too! We ship internationally and we are offering a group bulk rate for the holidays, so be sure to order now- you may wind up with something extra in your stocking this year!



Barbie Loves Glitter GLAM VAC & Doll

Mattel has me on their mailing list and insisted that I check out their sale (again.) These are the items that caught my eye:

If you saw a doll named Glam and Vac, what would you imagine? I just had to see the glamorous Barbie that also vacuumed. I thought, hmm...now this is real life. Mattel is getting with the program. WRONG.
The vac is a tool you get in the package to clean up your messy glitter after you glue it to Barbie's outfit.

Girls can glitterize Barbie doll's outfits and accessories! Just choose a sticker and apply it to the surface of the item you want to decorate. Pick a glitter color (pink or purple) and use the scoop tool to pour glitter over the sticker. Then press the gem button on the Glitter Glam Vac to clean up the excess glitter and store it in the gem top. So glitter-rific and fun!

So let's say you don't want the all that loose and dreaded glitter in your home but you must have a Barbie Loves Glitter Hair Doll. It comes with "fabulous glitter mascara to color Barbie doll's hair." I envision a creative child also coloring the family dog's fur.  I don't think the VAC would work on that.


But the weirdest item of all is the Barbie Doll'd Up Nails Digital Nail Printer.  It doesn't work with a Mac system so I'm safe.

Here is the description of what it does:
"There's so much stylin' fun at your fingertips with this digital nail printer! Now, both girls and their moms can get creative with their manicures. Simply select from 1,000+ adorable nail designs, choose the color, size the image to fit the nail, and print. Voila... your own custom manicure, at home! You can even upload your own photos to print and wear on nails for the most unique manicure of all."

I'm guessing you have to stick your fingers in one at a time. And it's reduced to $149.99. If you buy it on sale you pay only $119.99. 

I can think of all sorts of unique uses for this toy.

Freddy Tan's Monster High Doll Repaints

We have a case here of a master repainter making a silk purses out of a sows' ears. Forgive me for calling MH dolls sows' ears but they are cheaply made, fragile dolls. However,  in the hands of Tan, they become jewel-like, precious creations.

Here are a few of his amazing OOAKs. Below you will find a link to his flickr photostream. It's highly recommended viewing!


Ellowyne Wilde Pattern Book

Doll Reader Magazine announced the opening of the pre-order period for the Ellowyne Wilde Pattern Book. If you order between December 1, 2011 and January 1, 2012 you will get a 25% discount off the regular price of $19.99 ($15.99.) Shipping is free in the U.S. and Canada. They do ship overseas for a fee. Click on the picture below to go to the Doll Reader promotional page.

Books will begin shipping January 15, 2012.


Seen on the Doll Boards (R-Rated)

eBay seller markandmu aka artist Fetique+Clinique posted on the doll boards about new wigs and a new anatomically correct Ken doll. As expected the wigs are edgy. What I did not expect was this:

Do you think it's removable?

The description reads: "The sexy young fit model Taurus is special repainted and with anatomy correct like a real human." If I ever saw a real human with that anatomy I would have remembered.
More: "He is added with goatee, body hair, pubic and male organ. He look absolutely hot and sexy."

If you care to see the actual auction, click on the picture above or click HERE to go to fetique+clinique's flickr photostream.


Tonner Factory Sale 12/3, 10am-1pm Holiday Inn, Kingston NY

This is the funniest email Tonner has sent out in a long time.

November 29th, 2011

Dear Collectors,

Hi!  Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know what to expect this weekend at the Factory Sale (12/3, 10am-1pm----> Holiday Inn, Kingston NY)!  After using the same space at the Holiday Inn several times now, it has been our experience that, due to the large size of the room, there is plenty of space to accommodate everyone entering at once. So, this year, we will not be handing out numbers in the morning, as we have in the past.

Here's some more guidelines and tips you might find helpful this weekend:

  • Bring your own bag!  ....and the bigger, the better, we can assure you! 
  • There will be a wonderful Holding Area, where you can sit with un-purchased items while you decide what you'll go home with.  To be as fair as possible to all our collectors, we will be asking people not to delay in making final decisions and completing purchases. So, encampments around the perimeter of the room will be kindly asked to disperse - no tear gas or law enforcement worries! 
  • We accept many forms of payment for your convenience:  Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Bribery and Flattery.  Sorry, we do not accept personal checks, Diner's Club, your first born child, or the Discover card.
  • No pushing, shoving, running, or kicking.  Or punching.  It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye...
We cannot wait to see you this weekend!!  We will see you bright and early Saturday morning, and hopefully you'll follow us onto the Tonner Company Store, as Robert will be there to sign your latest and greatest finds!

Travel Safe,

Team Tonner

For those of you who have not attended a factory sale in the last three or four years...this is really what to expect:

1. The 'early birds' line up with the intention of getting anything they can lay their hands on before you.
2. The doors open and the first to enter grab anything and everything they can lay their hands on.
3. The shoppers accumulate in small groups around the room with their grabbed stuff to decide if they really want it or not.
4. Eventually they pay for it and leave the scorched earth for everyone else. (50 Harry Potter wands and another 50 Betsey anklet socks. ) They do put some stuff back. Hey, I still have an enormous bolt of apricot silk that cost me only $5. I have no idea what I will do with it, but it was quite the bargain.
5. You wander around looking at what's left trying to decide if you want it. 
I'm quite certain that there are at least three or four (and maybe more) fully armed and coordinated groups of buyers who plan their moves in advance. Their strategy is: one goes left, one goes straight, one goes right. Their theory is that if they grab enough stuff fast enough, they will get something they want. Do not, I repeat, do not talk to them during this maneuver as they will shoot you a dirty look and will not respond. Do not ask to see what they are getting. They are very secretive and suspicious of anyone who approaches. I swear this is the truth. I've been there and I know exactly who I will see at the front of the line if I go on Saturday.

The staff is extremely coordinated and helpful. They are always a pleasure to deal with and it is a relief to check out of the madness. There's usually a bunch of sale items at the store after a sale but don't quote me. It's just my experience. 

I wouldn't try to dissuade anyone from checking out one of these sales. It's much more fun than a cyber-factory-debacle. And you can meet up with the same addicted collectors you saw the last time to share tips and hints. Then, of course, you get to mingle with friends at the store and chat with Robert, Noreen and any other staff that might be around.
My favorite big sale was one that was at the store about 1-1/2 years ago. It was a little cold and there were tables set up outside as well as inside. It must have been early spring 2010. I got such nice things that day and I didn't have to rise at the break of dawn or get mauled while shopping.

True Confessions

In spite of all my good intentions yesterday, I managed to go back to Tonner Direct late last night to order Aragorn and Galadriel.  The grand total for the two gorgeous dolls was $86.40—practically free, right? Our addicted minds will tell us anything we want to hear. These had to be loss leaders or the dolls are less expensive to manufacture than I imagined.
This past weekend we drove northwest to Canandaigua, NY to visit George and Tim at Angelic Dreamz.  We were treated to a grand tour of the fabulous historic firehouse that is the shop and residence. The weather was amazingly warm in the upper 60's all weekend. Rudy brought some poodle puppy love to the guys who, themselves, were parents to a toy poodle for years.
We stayed at a lovely, dog friendly hotel called the Inn on the Lake.

Rudy doesn't particularly like the water and I wonder what he is thinking as he looks out on the lake. Notice he's not that close to the edge. Smart doggie.

I love the way the geese closest to the approaching dog have taken flight. He's quite the hunter. Hehe.

The pictures above were taken with my iPhone and processed with filters using an app called Snapseed.


Shop 'til your mouse breaks!

I was so tempted to put Strider, Ranger of the North into my shopping cart today. This is one seriously hot doll and he is on sale for $50. with free shipping! But then I remembered that all these $50. (cheap) dolls add up to a goodly amount and I am trying to stop doing that. 
However, you can build your Lord of the Rings collection for a small investment.  Arwen, Strider and Galadriel are $50. each.   
LESS 20% which comes to an incredible $40 per doll. OMG.

Several other dolls are also reduced but these three are the best deals of all IMO.

Angelic Dreamz' price is only $49.99 compared to $100.79 at Tonner Direct on the 13" Wonder Woman doll.

Shop around girls and boys and shop wisely. Everyone wants your money!
Remember, there will always be another doll and another sale. Skip 5 sale dolls and you will probably be able to buy one of your grail dolls with what you would have spent on little stuff.

Time to confess...I did succumb to an outfit at Superfrock today. I bought the crazy "Burning Cookies" ensemble.  Luckily I arrived too late to purchase some of their other sale items as they had already sold out. 

And last night I ordered a Madame Alexander Cissette Christmas Trunk Set. It was a great price with free shipping and no tax.  Trunk, dressed doll and two complete additional outfits. Yay! 

Oh yes, did I mention that I snagged Geometry last week? Hehe. As a result of my own sales and not buying every sale doll that came along, I was able to purchase my second Sybarite. She should be here any day now.


Egyptian Props

I dropped my mini Egyptian throne and could never put it back together properly.

 I've been hunting for a replacement. Tonight I came across a similar chair and other Egyptian miniatures that would be great for dioramas. This is a lovely throne for your royal characters.
It is for 1/6 scale dolls and the measurements are listed as 4.5 x 4.5 x 7.5. That is perfect for Barbie, Fashion Royalty and similarly sized dolls. The price is $23.96. That's the lowest I've seen however they are charging an additional $7.95 for shipping.

The cabinet is very cool. It is called The Goddess Hathor Wooden Curio Cabinet. You can keep all of your miniature embalming supplies inside.

The dimensions are 8 x 12 x 20. It can be used with your larger dolls. Priced at $31.96 with $8.95 for shipping, it is a nice addition to an Egyptian setting.

Click on any image to go to the page where these are described and offered for sale.

Of course you will need canopic jars if you are going to do any real miniature embalming. This set of 3.5 inch resin jars are sure to do the trick.  I think they're pretty cute. The tops do come off. They're only $19.85 and if you order through Amazon with a $25. or higher total, shipping is free.

Finally, the ultimate accessory is The Ark of the Covenant. This one is a perfect size at 5 x 3 x 7.5. You can get this gem for $20.
I don't know what the strap is for. Could it be a yoke for tiny oxen?
The description says it opens to hold your treasures, however I would hesitate to open anything called the Ark of the Covenant 

Didn't you see the movie?