Shop 'til your mouse breaks!

I was so tempted to put Strider, Ranger of the North into my shopping cart today. This is one seriously hot doll and he is on sale for $50. with free shipping! But then I remembered that all these $50. (cheap) dolls add up to a goodly amount and I am trying to stop doing that. 
However, you can build your Lord of the Rings collection for a small investment.  Arwen, Strider and Galadriel are $50. each.   
LESS 20% which comes to an incredible $40 per doll. OMG.

Several other dolls are also reduced but these three are the best deals of all IMO.

Angelic Dreamz' price is only $49.99 compared to $100.79 at Tonner Direct on the 13" Wonder Woman doll.

Shop around girls and boys and shop wisely. Everyone wants your money!
Remember, there will always be another doll and another sale. Skip 5 sale dolls and you will probably be able to buy one of your grail dolls with what you would have spent on little stuff.

Time to confess...I did succumb to an outfit at Superfrock today. I bought the crazy "Burning Cookies" ensemble.  Luckily I arrived too late to purchase some of their other sale items as they had already sold out. 

And last night I ordered a Madame Alexander Cissette Christmas Trunk Set. It was a great price with free shipping and no tax.  Trunk, dressed doll and two complete additional outfits. Yay! 

Oh yes, did I mention that I snagged Geometry last week? Hehe. As a result of my own sales and not buying every sale doll that came along, I was able to purchase my second Sybarite. She should be here any day now.


  1. Yes, it certainly has been a day of sales!

    Am looking forward to seeing your photos of 'Burning Cookies', Terri. I almost got that...could not decide but I am glad you got it!
    It looks adorable and will probably be so much fun to photograph.

    Have a great day.


  2. Love your little te he, Ter. Congrats on your
    acquisitions. When I went on the SD site this a.m.,Doku was not there and this aft. she was,
    so snagged her. Their website is seriously challenging. Verna (can't figure out how to
    post my name, sorry)

  3. @Gerri: I don't know what happened to your comment. I saw it and posted it and now it's gone. Sorry about that.

    @Verna: Thank you for at least signing your name. I appreciate knowing who is commenting! I agree about the SD site. I heard of things coming and going. I was going to get the Blackbird outfit but I am happy with the Burning Cookies. Doku was so tempting but I just couldn't get past the serious blue lips and she's not my favorite sculpt. I love her fashion, though. I would have bought Apple but I have the outfit already and I wasn't sure if I could sell another to make it worthwhile.
    It was a good day!

  4. Yay, Geometry! You won't be disappointed--I'm crazy attached to mine.

    By the way, Cissy's wig came last week--she was very happy to be reunited with it!

  5. Lol...that's ok, Terri!

    Thanks for reading it!

    Have a good night!


  6. @LunaL: I didn't know you had Sybs. I love having all different types of dolls.

  7. I sat on my hands all day yesterday. My fingers are numb. ;)

    A second Sybarite?? Good for you! I cannot wait for your photos!!

    BTW - I love the look of your blog. It's fantastic! (I usually follow with Google Reader, so I don't see the format very often.)

  8. @Thanks Alison. I'm going to have to do some more True Confessions later and I did go back to the Tonner site. Sigh.
    As far as the look of the blog...I can't make up my mind but I think simpler is better. I love how the images look on a black background but then it's harder to read. I liked the pink and yellow but it was too Barbie-looking after a while. So...white it is for now.