The dessert looked delicious.

Still on the topic of Tropicalia 2012:
I'm trying to figure this out. The convention souvenir doll came in a round box with two red dresses and it's Imogen.
The dinner centerpiece was a gorgeous tan Eugenia.
Where did Vanessa fit into this? Someone posted that she is the doll that goes into the red dress that was in the box presented at registration. Imogen trumps Vanessa? Not in my world.
So, I saw a picture of Vanessa and she is looking like the original Vanessa we know and love. That's a good thing. After all, if collectors want the original doll, give it to them. That always made sense. Make a different sculpt and call it something else.
Personally I am pretty confused by all the sculpt switches and I do not see the marketing value of this behavior. More is not always better.
I'm hoping that I can see the professional images from IT soon.
Some of you may realize that this weekend I have been blogging from Canandaigua, NY, while attending the "Prohibition" Jamieshow event. I had a great time and will be writing it up for FDQ. I will, however, post images here at some time next week.
We were a small group of 22 collectors and it was an excellent opportunity to get to know people on more than just a cursory basis. It was like the experience I had when I attended Sandra Stillwell's event in Nashville a while back. Small conventions and doll events are very different from large conventions. We spent a lot of time with George and Tim of Angelic Dreamz. We got to know two of their employees as well.
More to be revealed.

Tropicalia Part 2

Several more dolls have made an appearance at the Fashion Royalty convention as it unfolded.

At the FR16 Tea breakout event the following doll was the centerpiece:
"Sheen Siren" Elsa Dressed Doll
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Centerpiece Doll
There were a multitude of dolls available at the designer workshops. I think they go by letter. I do not have Integrity Toys official pictures of them but they might show up eventually. According to some collectors all or most sport sculpts previously used. I can't tell one from the other anymore.

Today was the W Club breakout event. The centerpiece was a gorgeous Elise Jolie. So far she is my favorite doll of the entire convention and I am happy to say that I will be getting her.  Everyone was given an FR2 shoe pack.
Escapism Elise Jolie™   FR: Squared Dressed Doll
2012 Troplicalia Convention Exclusive Table Centerpiece 
Shoe Win 12" FR2 Doll Shoe Pack
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Giveaway
There was also a companion doll which was Victoire Roux. I'm guessing that many in attendance would have preferred the second doll to be another FR2. I would have. But that's because I like the FR2 dolls. However, many collectors do not collect the FR2 due to the price. This Victoire is tan and she is cute.
Saint Tropez Victoire Roux Dressed Doll
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive
 I will post the Saturday night goods later tonight.


Integrity Toys Tropicalia Convention - Post #1

The IT convention is currently underway in Orlando, Florida. I am going to post their photos here for those of you who are not members of the W Club.

 Convention Collection and Friday Dinner
Lady in Red
Erin S. Dressed Doll
All White Now
Collette D. Dressed Doll
Main Event
Adèle Makéda Dressed Doll
Peak Season
Kyori Sato Dressed Doll

Haute Société
Véronique Perrin Dressed Doll

Sweet Victory
Natalia Fatalé Dressed Doll

Dasha™ FR2 Dressed Doll

Hot Dots
Poppy Parker Dressed Doll

Wrap-ture   Anja™ Dressed Doll
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Giveaway
Force of Nature    Agnes Von Weiss Dressed Doll
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Centerpiece 
Friday Luncheon
Sea Breeze  Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Centerpiece

Lemon Crush    Loni Lawrence Basic Dressed Doll
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Giveaway


Violet Eyes Elizabeth Taylor Doll

Why do I keep hoping that the next Silkstone will be better? Violet Eyes arrived today. The sculpt is very nice; the rest is not.
First of all, mine has defectively screened eyes.
There is white showing under one eye only on mine and I noticed the dissimilarity immediately. Her eyes aren't even violet!
This is the promo image:
Am I going to be able to get her hair to look like that? I think not. I don't really know what it will look like because I don't want to de-box a doll that has bad screening. I have never returned a doll to BC.Com for an exchange. Do they even do that?

Here is the rest of my doll in her box:

At first glance the dress looks OK but then you see that the V neckline has been glued to her chest and there are all sorts of fibers sticking out. It looks cheap. UGH. I am really bummed. This doll was not inexpensive but I got her because I love the sculpt and I loved ET as well. Luckily I was able to get her for about 80% of the listed retail by using my quarterly club coupon.
After the debacle of Afternoon Suit, what made me think this Silkstone would be better? Now I don't even know if I will buy Gala Gown. She looks so gorgeous but apparently looks are very deceiving. Mattel is deceiving buyers by posting beautiful images of dolls no one actually gets. Of course they cover themselves by posting their disclaimer: "Production doll may vary from the photo shown above."