Kingdom Doll Eira in White

An image I did recently for FDQ of Kingdom Doll, Eira. She's dressed in a Tonner gown

Here she appears in a OOAK gown and wig by Cholo.

I love her in white.


Superdoll: PVC Skirt Packs, Boot Packs

Superdoll Collectables has listed some fine goodies to outfit your Gen-X ladies.

 Two PVC skirt packs: left, Autumn Skirts; right, Neon Skirts. Each £95.00 ($143. USD)

Two packs of 4 pair of boots each. On the left, Hallogenic; on the right, Kitten.  Price: £109.44  ($164. USD)

Postage for one pack of skirts and one pack of shoes shipped to me in PA would come to £14.28 or $22.55 USD.

 Note: I use Yahoo's currency converter. On any day, at any time, the conversion rates may differ.


Tonner Doll 2015 Holiday Collection

Tonner released their Holiday 2015 Collection with De De Denton and several other dolls. De De is a new character whose back story is that she is an heiress to the Denton chewing gum fortune with her own reality show. She's related to Deeanna Denton and big-boned women run in the family. They need to switch to sugarless gum.

She's been given the 17" Athletic body and from here, she's got a lot of eye makeup, too.
Above from left to right, the first two are outfits only and are priced at $89.99 each. The rest are dressed dolls priced at $174.99-$179.99 except for the last one that is $184.99.

Made in the shade is a dressed doll retailing at $159.99.  What is the CW-1 head sculpt?

Two new "Basic Dixies" in the Rockabilly collection sport bangs that are a big fail. Wigs work better for hairdos with bangs.  $99.99 each

 Bombshell Batwoman makes an appearance in the DC Stars line. She has a beautiful sculpt and her hair color is stunning but the costume is odd.  $179.99

Collectors flipped out over the Wilde Imagination chaise from a recent convention and now we are offered the same chaise in three different fabrics and "wood" finishes.  $124.99. The Ellowyne chaise is a very good size for all 16" dolls.

 See the full release here: http://www.tonnerdoll.com/tonner/2015-holiday-release?p=1

 Op Ed:
I must say that I am not a fan of Tonner's new website at all. There is too much automation (zooming,  fading and highlighting) for my taste. The archive is disorganized. One used to be able to search by year and category.  The pictures are too large initially and one has to keep going to the next page and the next page and on and on.
It's a sophisticated website but it's not very collector friendly.