Tonner Doll 2015 Holiday Collection

Tonner released their Holiday 2015 Collection with De De Denton and several other dolls. De De is a new character whose back story is that she is an heiress to the Denton chewing gum fortune with her own reality show. She's related to Deeanna Denton and big-boned women run in the family. They need to switch to sugarless gum.

She's been given the 17" Athletic body and from here, she's got a lot of eye makeup, too.
Above from left to right, the first two are outfits only and are priced at $89.99 each. The rest are dressed dolls priced at $174.99-$179.99 except for the last one that is $184.99.

Made in the shade is a dressed doll retailing at $159.99.  What is the CW-1 head sculpt?

Two new "Basic Dixies" in the Rockabilly collection sport bangs that are a big fail. Wigs work better for hairdos with bangs.  $99.99 each

 Bombshell Batwoman makes an appearance in the DC Stars line. She has a beautiful sculpt and her hair color is stunning but the costume is odd.  $179.99

Collectors flipped out over the Wilde Imagination chaise from a recent convention and now we are offered the same chaise in three different fabrics and "wood" finishes.  $124.99. The Ellowyne chaise is a very good size for all 16" dolls.

 See the full release here: http://www.tonnerdoll.com/tonner/2015-holiday-release?p=1

 Op Ed:
I must say that I am not a fan of Tonner's new website at all. There is too much automation (zooming,  fading and highlighting) for my taste. The archive is disorganized. One used to be able to search by year and category.  The pictures are too large initially and one has to keep going to the next page and the next page and on and on.
It's a sophisticated website but it's not very collector friendly.


  1. Perhaps "CW-1" is Catwoman? Not sure why, but as soon as I looked at this doll, that came to mind -- maybe the glasses, lol. Did they even do a 16" Catwoman?

    Glad it's not just me feeling unimpressed by the new Tonner websites. Big and pretty and unnavigable. :/

  2. I love that gal with the glasses- so cute! (Not enough to buy her but I do love her look and hair)

  3. I also dislike the website. It's great that it works on the phone/tablet. I mean about time it is mobile friendly, but yeah- that's about it.

    This collection bores me, as does the 50 million different doll bodies at Tonner Land, and agree--- sugarless gum. That's hilarious! Right up there with Duck Lips. Lol

  4. When I saw this in my email I thought something was missing with Tonner's debut. I just couldn't put my finger on it but you nailed it- the dolls are so big! I did not read it in depth enough to realize she was a cousin of Deeana. I agree, sugarless gum is needed for these dolls. The only one that appealed to me was the basic red headed dixie in the polka dot swimsuit but not enough to buy her. This collection was not enough to grab you and make you want to buy except for the chaise lounges.

  5. You weren't kidding about the Rockabilly hairstyles. They're like the lamentable bangs on a 1990s era collectible Barbie.

  6. I think Dede is beautiful and I like that she has a fuller figure. I was a big fan of the 17" Deanna. I think Batgirl is adorable and I plan on getting her, she is very true to the DC Bombshell illustration of her. Overall, I'm very impressed with the Collection.

  7. I'm with you on finding the Tonner/Wilde website to be difficult to navigate. The new collection doesn't do anything for me either. Facial screening looks so sloppy and heavy compared to dolls Tonner produced even a few year ago. All the dolls seem to suffer from "tarantula lashes", you know like when you apply too much mascara and it gets all clumpy? I like the idea of a curvier doll like DeDe, but not being 17" making her out of scale with Tyler. I also loathe her trashy backstory, and lack of finishing details on her outfits. For instance the unlined silver lace skirt that clearly shows DeDe's bare thighs and bottom of her bodysuit. I like the chaise and the fact that it comes in different upholstery versions, but out of the entire release, it feels weird that furniture is the only thing that caught my eye.