Enclosure Royale Fashion from Superdoll Collectibles

I knew something new was going to pop up on their site today and I went there several times, refreshing each time. It wasn't until I dug through posts at Syb Monde that I found the link to the listing.

Here's the description from the Superdoll site:


A highlight of the social calendar, ASCOT, where the stakes are high, and thoroughbreds as good as the champagne.

Off to the races she goes, wearing double neck cravat under the ultimate in miniaturised silk houndstooth weave...
a tailored sleeveless jacket with yellow insert piping detail.
This goes over the yellow ruffled petticoat that pushes the gathered houndstooth silk skirt to it's perfect silhouette as she holds her breath... the racers approach the halfway mark.
With the odds in her favour, white hold up hose and suspender belt complete the inner workings of this winning ensemble.
Accessories include a gloss PVC tricorn hat trimmed in yellow binding and fierce black netting, a skull top walking cane and yellow courts bearing post heels in perspex. A black gloss PVC belt and as a finishing touch, a lace edged kerchief to wave the jockeys on their way..

It's in the detail.

Fancy a flutter? this one is the bookies' favourite!


Item in stock and ready to ship.
Price: £185.42
That's $311.36 in US dollars. 
Happily for my dolly fund, it's not for me.


JAMIEshow Violet Waters "Satin Doll"

Hardcore Gene Marshall fans and even dabblers like me are over the moon with the release of two new resin characters added to the JAMIEshow Gene Marshall line. I purchased Violet Waters "Satin Doll" who arrived today. This doll is a limited edition of only 50 and was $525.

Someone at the factory was a little confused about the names of the dolls.

The new Madra is called "Spotted in Manhattan."  On the box is a label attributing Violet with both names. I suppose the label person had a GENINUE moment. Long term Silkstone collectors will get the joke.

First - the requisite box shots:

I am glad I didn't have to put these shoes on. What I usually do is tape the extra ribbon to the back of the doll's calf with Scotch 3M Magic Tape. It leaves no residue on the fabric or the doll.

Violet is as beautiful as all the promo pictures we've seen. Her eyes are brown. Her eye shadow is violet with a metallic gold highlight. Her lips are coral which matches her perfect manicure and pedicure. She's got the prettiest mouth of any Violet I've seen to date. All in all, she has a truly beautiful face.
The gown fabric has a quality feel and it is well constructed and fitted. The wig cap is well-suited to the era and the hair accessory (what we would call a fascinator now) has a pearl-tipped hat pin that slides right in to her hair and stays on securely. The earrings are aurora borealis crystals set in silver colored metal like the ornament on the ribbon neckpiece.

For the high price of this doll I would have liked a beautiful necklace to have been included instead of the neck ribbon. I removed it as it does nothing for her and looks a little chintzy. A purse and pantyhose are 'missing' as well.  Although I like this doll very much, if this trend continues - high prices with no accessories, I won't buy another.

 Violet comes with a JAMIEshow adjustable doll stand. They are the best stands out there.

Link to JAMIEshow Doll USA: http://www.jamieshow.us/

A wonderful Madame Alexander fashion is on it's way to me and I think it will be perfect for Violet. 
"Festiva Paris," whose fashion has been an elusive commodity, is coming. I've been trying to find just the fashion for years to no avail. I finally broke down and ordered the NRFB doll from Matilda Dolls.  Hers was the best price around for the complete doll plus if your purchase is over $50., shipping is free. Works for me. Unfortunately, this version of Paris was released prior to the line's dolls being fully articulated. But no matter, I just want the outfit anyway.
 Madame Alexander fashions are exquisitely well made and stand the test of time...at least they were. I haven't bought anything from this line since Jason got in there and ruined Alex. Sigh.


Luciana Silkstone Barbie is Revealed

The latest Silkstone has been revealed by Mattel. She is Luciana Barbie, a doll shop and Barbie Collector Exclusive.  Retail price is $99.

She is not to my personal taste as I don't care for the huge forehead (or any other part of it.)  The suit with it's peplum jacket and flounced skirt is, once again, overly designed. Add in the boots, the lace gloves, the patterned fabric on top of all that and there's just too much going on. Did I mention the rhinestone buttons on the jacket, the big cuffs and giant pocket flaps, the buttoned up peter pan collar or the gathered shoulders? OMG.
Good designers don't put everything they possibly can into one ensemble and call it fashion...
unless it's in Gone With The Wind.
Even in this frilly dress, there's a control - it's all white. Can you imagine an overall flowery print and this dress? You would go blind.
But I digress. Apparently Robert Best is not at his best this year. Perhaps it's that his doppelganger doll has done so poorly with collectors.

But, if you like this doll - Cherished Friends, the best doll store on earth is carrying her and that's where you should buy it.
Tell Lynn that Terri sent you.


Superdoll Gold Luggage Set

If you loved the luggage in the photo below this post, it can be yours for £155.00, ($259.72 US) plus postage. But hurry. It won't last long.

4 piece luggage set consist of:
Large suitcase
Medium suitcase
Vanity case.
Gold mock leather and 'gold trim'.
All pieces in this collection are hard frame with slot and pin closures, 
 straps, custom clasps and gilt barbell detail.
Lined in striped satin.
Inner detailing includes, mirror, elastic restraint straps, 
 pouches and ribbon placement holders.

The detailing and craftsmanship of these luggage pieces is exquisite.

Limited edition.

Where to go to see and buy: