JAMIEshow Violet Waters "Satin Doll"

Hardcore Gene Marshall fans and even dabblers like me are over the moon with the release of two new resin characters added to the JAMIEshow Gene Marshall line. I purchased Violet Waters "Satin Doll" who arrived today. This doll is a limited edition of only 50 and was $525.

Someone at the factory was a little confused about the names of the dolls.

The new Madra is called "Spotted in Manhattan."  On the box is a label attributing Violet with both names. I suppose the label person had a GENINUE moment. Long term Silkstone collectors will get the joke.

First - the requisite box shots:

I am glad I didn't have to put these shoes on. What I usually do is tape the extra ribbon to the back of the doll's calf with Scotch 3M Magic Tape. It leaves no residue on the fabric or the doll.

Violet is as beautiful as all the promo pictures we've seen. Her eyes are brown. Her eye shadow is violet with a metallic gold highlight. Her lips are coral which matches her perfect manicure and pedicure. She's got the prettiest mouth of any Violet I've seen to date. All in all, she has a truly beautiful face.
The gown fabric has a quality feel and it is well constructed and fitted. The wig cap is well-suited to the era and the hair accessory (what we would call a fascinator now) has a pearl-tipped hat pin that slides right in to her hair and stays on securely. The earrings are aurora borealis crystals set in silver colored metal like the ornament on the ribbon neckpiece.

For the high price of this doll I would have liked a beautiful necklace to have been included instead of the neck ribbon. I removed it as it does nothing for her and looks a little chintzy. A purse and pantyhose are 'missing' as well.  Although I like this doll very much, if this trend continues - high prices with no accessories, I won't buy another.

 Violet comes with a JAMIEshow adjustable doll stand. They are the best stands out there.

Link to JAMIEshow Doll USA: http://www.jamieshow.us/

A wonderful Madame Alexander fashion is on it's way to me and I think it will be perfect for Violet. 
"Festiva Paris," whose fashion has been an elusive commodity, is coming. I've been trying to find just the fashion for years to no avail. I finally broke down and ordered the NRFB doll from Matilda Dolls.  Hers was the best price around for the complete doll plus if your purchase is over $50., shipping is free. Works for me. Unfortunately, this version of Paris was released prior to the line's dolls being fully articulated. But no matter, I just want the outfit anyway.
 Madame Alexander fashions are exquisitely well made and stand the test of time...at least they were. I haven't bought anything from this line since Jason got in there and ruined Alex. Sigh.


  1. I agree about the missing accessories....the rest of the design of the doll and ensemble is so well thought out and high quality that it is kind of surprising that they didn't go the extra mile and complete the look. My new JS Madra doesn't have panties, as I posed on the Studio Commissary (hope writing anything negative at all on there doesn't get me into trouble). It's a wrap dress, so she can be exposed when posed sitting. I can't think of any reason why she shouldn't come with panties, or even leggings.

    1. You will not get into trouble for expressing an opinion in a polite way. Pretty much everyone feels the same anyway.

  2. AD and IT hose do fit (the JS Gene body), so you can go that route. Violet being a chanteuse, possibly can see her without the purse, being an on-stage gown. (glad I bought two FM microphones when they went on sale). As for Madra, yes, she should have a clutch. I can't see spending the money for a clutch Tonner charges. I miss Fashion Boulevard!! You could decent clutches there for reasonable prices.

    1. Your response does not address the fact that she should have come with underwear.

  3. gina in alabama6/6/14, 10:02 AM

    I love the clutches that Franklin issued with the Jackie and Diana dolls. there's a silver roll clutch which came with the Jackie one shoulder black sheath jthat would be perfect for this gal in her offstage moments! Violet is beautiful, looking forward to seeing her in more looks!

  4. Oh, you are a lucky girl today, love these new resin dolls, and I am picturing redress for your redhead, LOL. I can`t wait to see how you play!!! thanks

  5. You are a lucky girl today, I love these new resin dolls and I am thinking redressing for your redhead LOL.
    Can`t wait to see how you play. Thanks B

  6. Terri, realized many are new to the Gene Scene. Some of the panty-hose have attached panties. They also work for regular JS girl dolls, despite slightly longer legs. But yes, if no hose included, then panites. That was the era. Only Tallulah went "Commando".

  7. I am really disappointed with this doll. I think she vaguely looks like Violet, maybe Violet with a facelift. Her skin tones seems much lighter, her forehead higher... dunno. something is off. I was so upset I missed her, because violet is my favorite, but after seeing her real time, I'm glad I saved my money.

    I also agree that for over $500, she should come with more! Like, lingerie, good jewelry, nicer shoes, gloves, and maybe a fur stole or something?