Enclosure Royale Fashion from Superdoll Collectibles

I knew something new was going to pop up on their site today and I went there several times, refreshing each time. It wasn't until I dug through posts at Syb Monde that I found the link to the listing.

Here's the description from the Superdoll site:


A highlight of the social calendar, ASCOT, where the stakes are high, and thoroughbreds as good as the champagne.

Off to the races she goes, wearing double neck cravat under the ultimate in miniaturised silk houndstooth weave...
a tailored sleeveless jacket with yellow insert piping detail.
This goes over the yellow ruffled petticoat that pushes the gathered houndstooth silk skirt to it's perfect silhouette as she holds her breath... the racers approach the halfway mark.
With the odds in her favour, white hold up hose and suspender belt complete the inner workings of this winning ensemble.
Accessories include a gloss PVC tricorn hat trimmed in yellow binding and fierce black netting, a skull top walking cane and yellow courts bearing post heels in perspex. A black gloss PVC belt and as a finishing touch, a lace edged kerchief to wave the jockeys on their way..

It's in the detail.

Fancy a flutter? this one is the bookies' favourite!


Item in stock and ready to ship.
Price: £185.42
That's $311.36 in US dollars. 
Happily for my dolly fund, it's not for me.


  1. That is one of the best looking outfits I have ever seen.

  2. I think it is absolutely lovely! However, my budget needs a break, too. I splurged on my first Syb (Langtry) and outfit recently. Maybe later, or if someone sells it at a special price. :-)