Tutorial: Freddy Ramirez Restyles Jamieshow Madra's Wig Cap

After cutting the thread from each chignon.
This is what the hair looked like once I removed the rubber bands and combed the hair out. 
Here's the back (very thin, not much hair to work with) 

I made a ponytail with 2 rubber bands to make 1 chignon instead of 3.  
Finished product. I folded the hair in to make the chignon. I used a glue gun to hold it in place.  

It took me 3 tries before I was able to get it in the shape I wanted. Removing the glue is not difficult. I use Goo Gone. Spray some on the glue and let it sit a minute or two and the glue will peel off. I washed the hair afterwards to remove the Goo Gone. Below is a pic of the bottle. (Ed. Note: Do not use Goo Gone near the doll's face.)

Thanks, Freddy, for giving me permission to share this with my readers.


  1. Oh it is so much better! Love it! Beautiful, Terri!

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