Clearance Sale at Cherished Friends


Cherished Friends is holding a three day clearance sale June 9th through the 11th. The prices for the dolls (all Tonner products) are excellent.

For example, the 22" American Model Constance Dressed Doll, original retail $449.99 is now $179.99!

Also on sale are several other 22" dolls, Tiny Kitty, Tonner Ballet, Cami & Jon, Marilyn Monroe, Antoinette, Precarious, Re-Imagination, Theatre de la Mode, Tyler Wentworth, DeeAnna Denton, James Dean, Evangeline and Ellowyne.

 The sister store is also running a great sale including items such as Wonder Woman 22",  Harley Quinn 22", Patsy, Warm Bodies, Wizard of Oz, Momoko, Harry Potter and more.


  1. Aye! Those are some amazing deals! Thanks for sharing! (Must sit on hands.)

  2. as always, if i had paid 450 for a doll, i'd not like seeing her at that price

    i wonder if they would be better off only sending out a small amount to dealers, enough they will sell out and then doing "warehouse finds" later.

    i understand that if the design is good enough, the doll will sell out at retail.....