Fashion by Matisse and Madra's Dogs

I've known Brenda Visaya since the beginning of my Fashion Royalty collecting days. Her fashions were always perfect. Seriously, this is doll costuming at it's best. Everything arrives perfectly sewn, ironed and packaged. They are hard to get because once Brenda lists something available, the flock descends on Etsy. I shouldn't even post this here but I have to give credit to this extremely talented designer who goes by the name Matisse.
Gene (IT's vinyl version) is posing with Madra's Dogs.

This is a good eBay story:
I love the Ashton Drake Gene Marshall accessories such as the furniture, lamps and such. The dogs were on my want list but they were always priced in the $150. range and I do draw the line somewhere. The other day I saw them posted for $75. or Best Offer. Just for the heck of it, I offered $50. I did not think the seller would accept. He did. Yay. They arrived yesterday, as described, in perfect NRFB condition.
Compared to Gene's little faux fur dogs called Dottie and Dashiell ("Out For A Stroll") they are fabulous.


"J'Adore" Gene Marshall

She's nabbed Violet's lavender ensemble, added some jewels by Facets and a hard cap wig by Cheryl Wood. There is something so innocent about this doll. I like her a lot.

A closeup of her sweet face:

And just because I like them...her hands.

Ficon Miss G and Sybarite Luggage

Before I even received my gold luggage set, I received an email explaining that the factory had made flawed pieces and that I could have a refund or a replacement. Bummer.  I got the luggage the next day and the gold material on the surfaces of the pieces was, indeed, flawed in several places.
Sad because this item is just adorable. The insides are lined in fabric and have pockets, mirrors, straps and fittings you'd find inside human luggage. The straps and hinges and other metal components on the exterior are perfect. There's an embroidered tag for each piece as well.
I'll be able to use them as a prop even though they are flawed. I wonder what color I'll get for my replacement. I'm hoping it's not green. I would like the black but it's not up to me.

Here is Miss G wearing a wig by Cheryl Wood. Her outfit is a Ficon fashion called "Tree of Joy."
It is still available on the Ficon website.