Adonis Fashion Male Doll from JHD Toys - A Review

Adonis is part of the Mizi Doll line.  He is the second wave which consisted of three "Hormone" dolls.  Each of the three had a different skin tone, hair color, face-up and brief color. The regular retail price was $110. Then prices went wild on eBay, reaching heights of over $300. for one doll. The going price right now is under $200 if you buy all three and about $225. if you buy just one.
I find it so funny that someone is selling his EMPTY box with the stand for $11.50.
The box is on the flimsy side. My doll's sandals were loose and floating about in the box.

This is the first 1/6 scale doll I've purchased in years. Something about his hunkiness and his popularity intrigued me.

BUT...simply put...don't rush out to buy them if you are used to Fashion Royalty Homme quality.

Yes, there's a bit of a price difference but for what you get, these dolls are overpriced. Their articulation and posing abilities are far inferior. The quality is lower. For a nearly nude doll with meh face-ups and wonky lower legs, the price should be way under $100. 

Google "nude Superman Ken doll" to see his body. He's not as edgy, has fisted hands and painted hair but he was only $39.99 originally.  All I'm saying is that Adonis is over-priced and over-hyped. It is not competition for Fashion Royalty.


But I digress.

I also purchased a fashion called "The Boy Next Door." The fashion pack was $68. That's about right.

I like the overalls and the t-shirt. With the sneakers, I recommend removing his feet, including the joint, and after loosening all the laces, insert the foot all the way into the shoe. Then you can push his feet back on. 
Why is his pack on so his name reads upsidedown? 



The Latest from Kingdom Doll - Harmony

I don't know how Kingdom Doll keeps raising the bar for stunning dolls. Harmony is the name of the latest offering from this wonderful little British company.
The first two photos show her in her original wig. The last two are other wigs in my collection. All created by master wig designer, Ilaria.


Kingdom Dolls: Lizzie Mills and Envy

In this photo, Lizzie is wearing an older Gene Marshall fashion produced by Ashton Drake. It fits perfectly.

I recently acquired a new editing program for my laptop called PhotoScapeX. I prefer editing images on my computer as opposed to using my phone. It's available in the App Store. I'm going to need to go through their tutorials. Sigh.
Just fooling around, I created this.


Kingdom Doll Raphaella

I have this lovely doll dressed in a Yum Yum Couture suit. Her wig was made by Chewin. Her adorable handbag was created by Robbin Atwell.


Kinsman Taeus

Taeus is the newest Kinsman. He is the first Kinsman to have the K3 body which is supremely posable and great-looking.