Kingdom Doll's Siddal Arrives

During this pandemic, many dolls and fashions have been added to my collection. The most recent doll is Siddal.

Siddal wears a Kimono inspired gown of imperial silk satin in a richly vibrant indigo hue, lined in berry silk habotai with an open wrap neckline edged in silver lame. A waist-cinching belt adds further silver lame accents. The dramatic kimono sleeves are embellished with unique silver Celtic dragon embroidery, a first for Kingdom Doll. The resin shoes are created with a sparkly silver to mimic the lame texture of her belt and neckline. Finally, her jewelry is a sterling silver necklace featuring sterling silver tassel details and a clear Swarovski crystal butterfly charm. 

Siddal's wig is of blended silver/grey tones. In addition to applied upper lashes, she has bottom lashes as well. Her eyes are pale sapphire blue and are framed with cool-toned smokey shadows of charcoal and taupe with pale lilac under her brow.

She is an edition of 50 dolls.

The mirror is a Wilde Imagination product made for Evangeline dolls.

Last week, a fashion order I've been patiently (ha) awaiting from Viet Nam, was delivered. The artist is Aquatalis. https://www.etsy.com/shop/Aquatalis?ref=usf_2020

Avarice models "Perle Noire"

Destiny models "The Signature"

Liberty models "Forgetmenot"

Pandemic shopping can be very dangerous. I list below the dolls and related doll stuff purchased since 5/1/2020.

Wigs by Ilaria (TBR)
Assorted Studio Props
Assorted Doll Props
Beaded Outfit for Kingdom Doll by Kha
Rococo Shoes for Kingdom doll by Eikollander
Tonner Tyler 16" "Carol Barrie Hollywood Treasure" Outfit
"Lady Penelope’s" Outfit
Tonner Tyler "Checker Bold" Boutique Coat
Wigs and a fashion from Chewin
Tonner Tyler Boutique "Winter White Coat"
Robert Tonner Hollywood Glamour "Dancing on a Cloud" NRFB Outfit
Valet/stand chair, Bar Stool, Shell Chair,  Doll Lounge Sofa  (From Russia) (TBR)
"The Best Look" Doll & Gift Set Silkstone
Outfit from "Poppy Sizzling in Paris" Doll
"Afterglow" Keeki Adaeze (FR)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Action Figure
"Dressing Barbie: A Celebration of the Clothes That Made America's Favorite Doll and the Incredible Woman Behind Them"   Book
Barbie Signature Jean-Michel Basquiat x Barbie Collector Doll
Superdoll Outfit "Picollo"
Filip of Filmideco 3-piece display furniture
"Let's Sew: Wardrobe for A Wood Doll"  E Files
29cm (11.41") Grödner Tal Wood Doll with curls (TBR)
16" doll shopper from La Boutique
Traded "Taeus" for "Evan"
Kingdom Doll "Siddal"
"Le Flamant Rose" Gown by Kha Hoang (TBR)
BFMC "The Gala's Best"
Couture Fashion by Taras Kozak (TBR)

Looking at the list like this can be disturbing.


It Sounds Like a Menu Item...Tofu in Piccolo

Tofu is the doll. Piccolo is the doll whose ensemble she is wearing.


Keeki Adaeze, A New Doll from Integrity's New Meteor Line

The new line of dolls from Integrity Toys looks to be quite unique. The one doll that I was very attracted to was "Afterglow" Keeki Adaeze. Her spectacular coat did it for me. I did not order her when the W Club offered her to members but after I saw her IRL, I was lucky to find a member sell her to me for retail. She is here now and I'm mostly pleased.

She was not easy to photograph only because her boots are just soles with woven everything else. Her feet keep slipping off the soles. I need to come up with a solution - or not - but it's not a supportive type of foot covering. It should have been a slip-on shoe with the stocking attached. There had to be a better way that was not considered.
Her hair came with a product on it that I'll eventually wash out and I could have done with much less glitter on her eyelids.
She's wearing a flimsy mini dress that appears to be over a shirt but it's all one piece. Her neckpiece is a 2 piece magnetic rhinestone covered creation that is my favorite part of the fashion after the coat. The earrings dangle below her shoulders and her sparkly ring is lovely.

The new box is very attractive.

The Meteor body has been reworked thus:

"We know that for many customers, compatibility between brands is extremely important. After careful consideration, Meteor ladies feature a newly assembled doll body composed of the following components:
East 59th upper torso
Slightly re-engineered Color Infusion lower torso
Fashion Royalty/NU. Face arms and hands
Newly developed legs compatible with Fashion Royalty and NU. Face shoes."

Quite honestly, I wouldn't know the difference between Color Infusion torsos and East 59th torsos if they were to fall on me.

Here are some of her promotional photos.

The following are mine:



Adonis Fashion Male Doll from JHD Toys - A Review

Adonis is part of the Mizi Doll line.  He is the second wave which consisted of three "Hormone" dolls.  Each of the three had a different skin tone, hair color, face-up and brief color. The regular retail price was $110. Then prices went wild on eBay, reaching heights of over $300. for one doll. The going price right now is under $200 if you buy all three and about $225. if you buy just one.
I find it so funny that someone is selling his EMPTY box with the stand for $11.50.
The box is on the flimsy side. My doll's sandals were loose and floating about in the box.

This is the first 1/6 scale doll I've purchased in years. Something about his hunkiness and his popularity intrigued me.

BUT...simply put...don't rush out to buy them if you are used to Fashion Royalty Homme quality.

Yes, there's a bit of a price difference but for what you get, these dolls are overpriced. Their articulation and posing abilities are far inferior. The quality is lower. For a nearly nude doll with meh face-ups and wonky lower legs, the price should be way under $100.

Google "nude Superman Ken doll" to see his body. He's not as edgy, has fisted hands and painted hair but he was only $39.99 originally.  All I'm saying is that Adonis is over-priced and over-hyped. It is not competition for Fashion Royalty.


But I digress.

I also purchased a fashion called "The Boy Next Door." The fashion pack was $68. That's about right.

I like the overalls and the t-shirt. With the sneakers, I recommend removing his feet, including the joint, and after loosening all the laces, insert the foot all the way into the shoe. Then you can push his feet back on. 
Why is his pack on so his name reads upsidedown? 



The Latest from Kingdom Doll - Harmony

I don't know how Kingdom Doll keeps raising the bar for stunning dolls. Harmony is the name of the latest offering from this wonderful little British company.
The first two photos show her in her original wig. The last two are other wigs in my collection. All created by master wig designer, Ilaria.