UFDC Convention, Baltimore, Maryland, 2021 Part I


This post contains photographs and some text about my first, and probably last, experience in Baltimore, MD at the United Federation of Doll Clubs' 2021 convention which took place from July 18-23. The event was held at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront. It was their first convention since the Covid lockdown began in 2020. Personally, I do not think they were completely ready. The food was pretty awful in their "restaurant" and at the meal events. The best thing served at a meal was a delicious piece of cheesecake. 

It was the largest convention I ever attended as a registrant. There were more than 750 people there and it sounded like you might imagine. Doll collectors are notoriously talkative. 

You may wonder why I said it was probably my last UFDC convention. The focus is on antique and vintage dolls. There are some contemporary artist-made dolls as well. This fact was very noticeable in the competition categories.  I was very happy that many members of my doll clubs were in attendance and I met several interesting women but the thrill wasn't there.  

How does Loki know that mommy is going somewhere? Look at that sad face!

All loaded and ready to leave on the trip. It was only 2 hours 15 minutes. I drove straight through. 

Self-parking was just around the corner. I shot a pic of my location, just in case. 
Parking was $25 per day!!!  But it was covered and safe. 

To my surprise, I was upgraded to a harbor view room on the 27th floor. The room was lovely but freezing. Most of the time I did not keep the a/c in cooling mode. 
I had a fabulous view. This is the first picture I shot in the room.

Below is a very early morning view. The moon hasn't yet set and the sun is rising. 
See the sun's reflection in the tall building on the right.

And a few more around the hotel:


Right down the street is a striking statue/fountain. You can read the text to find out what it memorializes. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Registration on Sunday

Reborn Dolls is not one of the UFDC categories but that doesn't stop collectors from bringing theirs to share with others.

The more I looked at this little doll, the more real it got to the point where I saw it breathing.  Freaky!

There were several hundred entries into competition. Depending upon the number of entries in a category, one could win first, second, third, fourth and possibly some other ribbon. The winners get ego boosts, oohs & aahs and then go home to plan next year's entries. 
Some of the judging is based on age, rarity and condition, so, if you have enough money, buy the oldest, rarest and best condition thing you can find, you might get a blue ribbon to put in your wallet.

Helpers are items that are donated for the benefit of UFDC.  It's a gigantic raffle event and the merchandise is really good. The competition is stiff. I did not win anything and I did not expect to but I would have liked it a lot, especially a tiny bjd on a rocking horse. I'm not sure why, but she really appealed to me. Sigh. 

Shown in the photos below is but a fraction of the donations. 

I wanted this gorgeous handmade doll, too. 

The UFDC has a store, of course, online all year round. During the convention, they bring a load of merchandise from the store. There are also bargain tables. Below you see the line waiting for the boutique to open.  One can find dolls from prior conventions.