Part 2: Celebrating Tonner's Antoinette Body

When Tonner introduced Antoinette in 2009, she was an instant success. My first was Cameo Antoinette.  You can do a search on this blog using the word 'Antoinette.'
The Antoinette body was used for Cami, newer Theatre de la Mode, Duchess, Jonquil, Breathless, Scintillating Ashleigh, and all Precarious.
Here is what remains of my dolls who share the Antoinette body type.

Antoinette "Hear Me Roar" wearing a dress from RnD Designs. 
Hear Me Roar was part of the OZ line. There was a Tin Man, A Lion and a Scarecrow in fabulous costumes.


"Heart on My Sleeve" Tin Man (Duchess)
Wearing Scandal


Antoinette "Simplicity" wearing New York Jet
I don't believe the name of the dress has anything to do with the football team :-) but it's awfully close.
This is another gorgeous, curly-haired Antoinette.
One of the greatest contributions Tonner Doll Co. made to collectors was the creation of hundreds of individually available boxed fashions.  It originally came with a wig and different shoes than my model is wearing. I wonder what I did with that wig.


Antoinette "Treasured"
Wearing "Party Girl's" Outfit
Treasured was the Banquet Souvenir at the 2009 Convention

Original Presentation

Cami as Daisy
Wearing Theatre de la Mode Noir #99


Cami as Zelda
Wearing "Swing"


Precarious "Party Girl"
Wearing Diane Evan's Cocktail Dress

Original Party Girl Precarious

New Theatre de la Mode

Glamorous #75 (Gina Sculpt)

Elegance #93 (Gina Sculpt)

Noir # 99 (Gina Sculpt)
Wearing "Griffin Splendor"
Her hair has been taken down.

Above is the original Noir #99. I took her hair down because the wrapped "bun" on top of her head was twice as high and made her look like a cone head.


Excellent Tonner Body Comparison Photo from Dreamcastle Dolls

Dreamcastle Dolls' website has a fantastic Tonner database.  I have used it quite often.
This photo is posted there. Of all these bodies, my favorite is Antoinettes. Cami has the same body as do several other characters who came after Antoinette.

Check out the entire site:


Part I. Celebrating my 16" Tonner Dolls with the BW Body

Over the last few years, my 16" Tonner Doll collection has been thinned extensively. The few purchases I've made were fashions that I used to have and regretted selling.
I have begun to catalog my remaining dolls, sorting them by body type. I begin with the 16" BW (bending wrist) Tyler body. It was, of course, used for many characters. In later years, numerous collectors clamored for change to increase the flexibility of the doll and the appearance of the knee joint.

All of these photos were shot with an iPhone X in daylight, some using fill flash.

"Fill flash is a photographic technique used to brighten deep shadow areas, typically outdoors on sunny days, though the technique is useful any time the background is significantly brighter than the subject of the photograph, particularly in backlit subjects." 


SDCC 2008 Comicon Supergirl Exclusive LE wearing Tyler Boutique "Midnight Sparkle"


DC Comics "Kara of Krypton" wearing  The Blonde Bombshell's Fashion


"Hearts Aflame" Shauna wearing "Opera Gala"
This doll's hair was originally heat-reactive and would change color when touched. That effect faded away long ago.


Tyler as Theatre de la Mode "Swept Away" 2006
This is one of the most highly sought after Tonner doll. Not only is her face the classic beauty, Tyler, but the stunning fashion is also beautifully constructed.
I have given her a BW body.

The colors of the panels change around the back. Just gorgeous!


Sydney "Hautes Coleurs" PFDF 2006 Exclusive wearing "Look of Luxe"


Sydney "Dark Embrace" wearing "Influential" Antoinette's Dress
(And that's why it's too tight.)


Signature Style Tyler wearing C'est Magnifique


Next up will be Dolls with the Antoinette Body.


Integrity Toys Reveal August 18 2019

The Integrity Toy reveal which was posted to W Club members on August 17, 2019, included three Fashion Royalty dolls,  one Industry Tulabelle, three Poppy Parkers, Tina Tanaka and one male.


The Fashion Royalty Boudoir Collection is being offered via a right-to-buy lottery and includes Kesenia, Natalia and Jordan wearing sexy lingerie. Each doll is $135.

The lingerie sets are very attractive; the dolls, meh. Still, tastes vary and there are enough to go around - 750 Jordans and 800 each of Kesenia and Natalia.

Kesenia uses the vampire sculpt that I detest. Her mouth is heavily shaded inside the lips to moderate the appearance of the vampire's teeth. Each doll comes with an extra pair of hands with long nails.

Early Kesenia sculpt. Was not named Kesenia at the time.


The Industry Tulabelle is a mini gift set consisting of a doll and two 12" sized outfits one of which mimics the previously made 16" Tulabelle outfit.
The other outfit is an embroidered, frilly, mini dress that makes her look like a Swiss school girl.
This doll is being offered via right-to-buy lottery and is priced at $155.

Earlier 16" Tulabelle


Poppy Parker The Girl From I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y. Mission Brazil Capsule Collection

There are detailed backstories for the dolls in this collection.

First up are Poppy Parker and Tina Tanaka as double agents.
This is a two-doll gift set priced at $199. and will be sold via right-to-buy lottery.

The fashions and dolls are standard Poppy fare. The inclusion of a handgun is unacceptable. IT has made dolls with guns before and I didn't like it then, either. This time the guns are yellow, pink and blue.



Sergio Silva: Man of Mystery

IMO Buttry's strength is his male doll design skill. Sergio is a well-dressed guy with a good hairstyle. He comes with a saxophone! Perhaps that's his weapon.
I'm not a fan of the painted facial hair. It doesn't do anything for this doll or any other doll that I've seen with flat painted facial hair.
He will be available via Integrity doll dealers at $150.

Poppy Parker in Ipanema Intrigue

Bathing suit, terry cloth cover-up, big hat and sunglasses and a pink gun. Sigh.
Available via Integrity doll dealers at $135.

Poppy Parker in Rendez-Vous in Rio

She has a beautiful deep tone to her vinyl and wears a colorful Pucci-type print fashion.
Available via Integrity doll dealers at $145.