"Make 'Em Lit" Rashad Rouissi by Integrity Toys

"Make 'Em Lit"  Rashad Rouissi by Integrity Toys

Integrity continues to release fabulous male dolls and today I was able to put a deposit on Rashad. He reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow or perhaps Johnny Depp is on my mind? 

"Award-winning sound engineer Rashad Rouissi is all set to hop on a new adventure to help his friend and collaborator, music industry mogul Darius Reid, put Tae Min's hot tracks over the edge!"

"With his unique ability to "paint" with music and superior engineering skills, this guy is the one and only magician every recording artist needs on their team!"

Rashad is part of the new Homme collection and is only available via lottery directly from IT.

This is what buyers will receive. 

  • 12.5-inch articulated fashion figure with shoulder-length, fully rooted hair;
  • Multi-toned denim pants with contrasting topstitching;
  • Neon yellow long-sleeved hoodie;
  • Utility vest;
  • Three earrings;
  • Three rings;
  • Square sunglasses;
  • Watch;
  • Sling bag;
  • High-top sneakers;
  • Two pairs of hands;
  • Doll stand;
  • Certificate of authenticity.


The 2021 W Club Wrap-up

 This is part of an email that the W Club sent out to all members today.

While we liaisons are preparing for the 2022 W Club year ahead, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the 2021 membership year's exciting offers and opportunities only made available to you, our valued 2021 W Club members!

The listing below extends beyond what was guaranteed at registration and doesn't even include all the "first to know" information that members received throughout the year, allowing you to get in on the action before members of the general public!

2021 Recap...

  • Kicked off with 3 made-to-order upgrade dolls- “Fit To Print” Nadja Rhymes, “Bijou” Elyse Jolie and “Pink Lemonade” Poppy Parker
  • Monthly forum contests with free prizes
  • Official welcome presentation, NU. Face and JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS unveiling, and chat with Carol Roth, Alain Tremblay and Jessy Ayala
  • “She Makes An Impression” Kimber Benton and Raya Alonso gift set W Club lottery and special W Club pricing
  • Special W Club event presentation, East 59th and JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS unveiling, and chat with Carol Roth, Alain Tremblay and Chris Stoeckel
  • “I Like Your Style” Mary “Stormer” Phillips and Jetta Burns gift set W Club first-come, first-served form and special W Club pricing
  • W Club only guaranteed first priority purchase through first-come, first-served form for Open Edition “Malibu Sky” Baroness Agnes Von Weiss doll
  • 2 W Club only priority Integrity Toys Obsession Convention registration chances via right-to-buy lottery and first-come, first-served form
  • W Club only Integrity Toys Obsession Convention W Club NU. Face Event Package including the souvenir "Adrenaline Rush" Dominique Makéda doll and guaranteed made-to-order Centerpiece pre-order of the "MVP" Rayna Ahmadi doll
  • 2021 Design Competition with 3 different challenges, Fashion Design, Face Paint and Hair Styling
  • Special W Club event presentation with Carol Roth, Alain Tremblay and Mark Tinkey for “Smoke and Shadow” NU. Fantasy Vanessa Perrin doll and W Club lottery
  • Special W Club event presentation for the 1st W Club Exclusive doll unveiling with Carol Roth, Alain Tremblay and David Buttry
  • 1st W Club Exclusive doll: made-to-order “Resort Ready” Poppy Parker doll
  • Poppy Parker tote bag first-come, first-served sale
  • W Club only lotteries for the IFDC leftover “Marvelous Masquerade” and “Lounge Siren” Poppy Parker dolls
  • W Club only priority purchase window for Batch 2 of Meteor, NU. Face and Poppy Parker Open Basic Edition dolls
  • Special W Club event presentation for the 2nd W Club Exclusive doll unveiling with Carol Roth, Alain Tremblay and Jessy Ayala
  • 2nd W Club Exclusive doll: made-to-order “Graceful Reign” Vanessa Perrin doll
  • W Club only made-to-order Convention upgrade bonus “Luxe Travels” luggage accessory set
  • W Club only lottery for the leftover 2020 Legendary Convention Official 25th Anniversary “Legendary Status” Baroness Agnes Von Weiss (silver color variation) doll
  • “Roxy Rumbles” Roxanne Pelligrini two-doll gift set W Club lottery and special W Club pricing
  • W Club only Lottery for “Enigmatic Reinvention” Navia Phan Meteor Collection doll
  • Special W Club event presentation for “Divining Beauty” NU. Fantasy Adèle Makéda™ doll and W Club lottery, and W Club only made to order “Mood I’m In” JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS doll and “Music Medley” Fashion Pack with Carol Roth, Alain Tremblay, Vaughn Sawyers and Mark Tinkey
  • 3rd W Club Exclusive doll: made-to-order “The Weekender” Lukas Maverick mini gift set
  •  W Club only forum feedback and digital collecting surveys
  • Dolly-Days W Club priority body sale and W Club only made-to-order pre-orders for 8 different Fashion Royalty and NU. Face bodies
  • 4th W Club Exclusive doll: made-to-order “Desert Dazzler” Poppy Parker doll
  • Dolly-Days W Club only right-to-buy lottery for “Arctic Moon” Coralynn Kwan from the East 59th Collection
  • Dolly-Days W Club only right-to-buy lottery for “Glamour Coated” Elyse Jolie doll
  • Dolly-Days W Club only made-to-order “Sound Individual” Romain Perrin fashion figure
  • Dolly-Days W Club only made-to-order “My Hair Fair” Zuri Okoty doll, “Good Hair” Wig Pack and “This Hair Is Mine” Wig pack
  • 5th W Club Exclusive doll: made-to-order "The NU.Classic" Lilith Blair doll

For those of you who love made-to-order pre-orders, that is 19 different offerings (one with 8 choices!) that were guaranteed made-to-order just for being a W Club member, between the 3 Upgrade dolls, 5 Club Exclusive dolls, 1 Convention bonus luggage set, 2 W Club Event Convention Package Souvenir and Centerpiece dolls, 1 guaranteed Open Edition Agnes pre-order, 1 "Mood I'm In" JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS doll and 1 "Music Medley" fashion pack, 8 Dolly-Days replacement bodies, and 4 bonus Dolly-Days Monarchs Home and Meteor dolls and wig packs!


It is a lot of stuff! There is a good deal of variety in there and I am sure that many members are very happy.

For myself, I got the Elyse Jolie "Bijou" upgrade doll whose outfit I sold immediately and I was lucky in the RTB lottery for the new sculpt doll, 

Coralynn Kwan "Arctic Moon"
The East 59th® Collection

In addition, I ordered two Meteor Wig Accessory Packs which consist of three 1:6 scale wigs each. These should be interesting. I do hope the quality is good.


Doug James - Artist

This post originally appears on the website of Happily Ever After

Doug James – JDJ International, Inc.

Doug James is the owner and creator of the C.E.D. and “S” Series lines of 19-inch fashion dolls and the 16 inch Somers and Field line including Willow and Daisy and Violett and Gabby fashion dolls now in resin.

Doug’s entry into the fashion doll world was completely unexpected. . .

He graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Theatre Arts; the study of acting, directing, costume and set design. At the time he assumed any design work would be in a larger scale rather than smaller.

Moving to Manhattan after graduation Doug used a variety of his many talents. He worked at the Julliard School of the Arts in the costume department as well as for the Brooks-Van Horn Costume Co. He spent two seasons as Artistic Director for the Shady Lane Playhouse, a professional theatre company outside of Chicago.

Back in New York Doug created millinery (and still does) for the Broadway stage for such plays as: Phantom of the Opera, Will Roger’s Follies, Guys and Dolls, Nine, Candida, Streetcar Named Desire, St. Joan, Beauty and the Beast, and recently for Aladdin.

For several years Doug worked with John Noble at the Museum of the City of New York restoring antique French fashion doll clothing. He made four one-of-a-kind dolls that were exhibited there. He taught theatrical millinery for graduate and undergraduate students at Rutgers University for over ten years.

Doug works on film as a costumer and milliner. Among his movies are Mona Lisa Smile with Julia Roberts, Kevin Costner’s Wyatt Earp, Wolf with Jack Nickolson, Guarding Tess with Shirley Maclaine, Sabrina, A Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island, Muppets from Space, The Good Shepherd with Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with Ben Stiller, The Muppets with Jason Segel, and the recently released Muppets Most Wanted with Tina Fey.

Doug is an Assistant Wardrobe Director on Saturday Night Live and regularly works on PBS’s Sesame Street, plus the Late Night show with Seth Meyers, and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He is a two-time Emmy award winner for his work in television.

In the fashion doll and collectible doll world, Doug has produced award-winning designs for the Gene doll for the Ashton-Drake Company. He has also designed for the Madam Alexander, Knickerbocker, Horsman, and Integrity doll companies.

Doug’s company is called JDJ International, Inc. JDJ International came into being over 14 years ago. It has a rich, prolific and award-winning history. JDJ International has two divisions. Learn more about the beginnings of the Fashion Doll Division. Learn more about our Theatrical Millinery Division.

At this point, Doug has created over a dozen fashion doll characters in well over sixty different “editions” in four different fashion doll lines accompanied by a vast assortment of costumes and accessories plus a variety of fashion doll one-of-a-kinds.

Along with solid U.S. sales, he has also developed an active international market. Some dolls have been award-winning. Both C.E.D. and “S” Series fashion dolls have appeared in unique venues like the Bloomingdale Holiday Windows in New York. C.E.D. doll Claire graced a CD album cover for a popular techno-rock musical group.


Strange Post

 Hi Everyone:

I have no idea why that last post was sent out. I did not compose or compile it. All I did today was add a bunch of stuff to my sales pages. 

Thanks for your understanding!