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Facets by Marcia:


Gerald Anthony:


FR2 Photos from Integrity Toys

 The FR2 being revealed at IDEX are now available for pre-order although I've heard that some dealers are already sold out.
The dressed dolls will retail at $175. each. The outfits will be $100. each. 
Modern Sensibility
Dasha™ Dressed Doll
Modern Sensibility
Dasha™ Dressed Doll
Elise Jolie Dressed Doll
Elise Jolie Dressed Doll
Elise Jolie Dressed Doll (accessories)
Impossibly Beautiful
Dominique Makeda Dressed Doll

Rare Appeal
Dominique Makeda Dressed Doll
Dasha Dressed Doll

Renegade, above,  will be offered by lottery through the W Club. It is an IT Direct Exclusive.

FR2 Fashion
Sheer Bliss
FR2 Fashion
Only Natural
FR2™ Fashion
 Nice. Really nice. I've got my pre-order confirmed for several of the dressed dolls and one of the fashions. I would have liked to order all the fashions but I had to pick just the one I liked the best and that was "Only Natural." I loved it the minute I saw it at the convention. I don't remember Sheer Bliss but I can go look it up. I'd get that outfit just for the shoes.
It was hard to decide if I wanted "Engaging." But I like the doll a lot. I'm not sure about the dress - although it might look better on another doll along with that hat. The shoes remind me of the 16" Virtually (ugly) Alex doll's shoes.
The redhead Dasha and the blonde  Elise will be moving in here as well. Sigh. I love that blonde Elise. I love that sculpt.
The Dasha beauty in the red dress has a place reserved for her too. But I have to win the chance to buy her so you all should go buy something else - Veronique or Vampires...

IDEX Pictures Posted by Facets by Marcia

 Marcia has uploaded quite a few pictures from assorted manufacturers to her Facebook albums. You do not need to be 'friended' by her to see these pictures. Here is the link:


Mattel Announces Four Club Exclusive Dolls for 2011

Mattel sent out email to all members of Barbie Fan Club showing two sneaks of actual dolls and a drawing of another. The fourth is still a secret.
Redhead Silkstones are winners in my opinion. This one is BFMC Ekaterina. She is the first club exclusive and will be available in February with free shipping.

This is a screen shot of part of the email. The Platinum Label doll is the blonde in the white dress. She is called Pinch of Platinum and has the endlessly skinny, hands-on-hips model muse pose, a boring vapid smile and an un-articulated body and collectors will buy every last one the minute she goes on sale. The sketch of the witchy-styled doll is called "Fall Holiday Hostess." The outfit is cute - nothing new but cute.
 "The opportunity to purchase Ekaterina™ Barbie® begins 2/9/11 at 11:00am CT for $99.95, for 2011 BFC™ members only, in the online shop. No more than 3,000 of these dolls will be available for sale. Doll purchases are optional and available only to members of the 2011 Barbie Fan Club." 

Information on joining (or re-joining) the BFC is coming next week.


Integrity Toys' Booth at IDEX

W Club members were just sent this photo by David Buttry of the Integrity booth at IDEX. I hope we get some better pics later.
For Integrity to make an appearance at IDEX is a good public relations move.


Dracula and His Brides Have Returned!

Integrity Toys is continuing the vampire collection but this time the line is not affiliated with Ashton-Drake. It's called Dracula and His Brides: The Eternal Love Collection. Each doll is a LE500 and is priced at $125. Contact your favorite doll dealer to preorder.
The Count
The Contessa
The photography is excellent for this series.
They fashions are very cute. I really like the Count. It's too bad that there isn't the option for NO FANGS.

The red chairs are the same chairs we received at the convention in black, honoring the Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter series of books. These do not have the DH logo, of course. They are available in unlimited quantities to members of the W Club through the IT store.

I don't know what I will be ordering. What about you?

Who Is This Doll and Why Are They Calling Her Veronique?

Most of my readers know by now that the re-designing of Veronique is something I was opposed to. I believe she should have been discontinued if anything at all.  She is unique and was one of the two characters that launched the Fashion Royalty line. How can she be improved upon? She can't.
She can only become a new character. But the decision was made two years ago and the new Veronique has finally been introduced as Modern Comeback Noir and Blonde.  Each edition is 500 dolls and retails for $90. directly from IT. The opportunity to purchase the dolls has been offered as a lottery to W Club members only.

My personal reaction to these dolls is underwhelming. I was hoping for something I could love - something that attempted to be better than I expected - but what I got was ho-hum. Just another nice face and nice lingerie. Nothing new. This is not a comeback it is a drawback.
This doll should have been offered to all who wanted to buy her, not as a lottery. There are going to be lots of disappointed W Club members.


Ovaz Designs for Sybarite Doll

My friend Osvaldo Vasquez, aka OVAZ, is showing and selling his new designs for the Sybarite body. Here are pictures of his work and a link to his auctions on eBay. Some items may already have been sold.

Basic Diane Evans from Tonner Doll

To my readers who have written wondering where I disappeared to...thank you for your concern. January is a pretty quiet month in doll world as manufacturers are preparing to unveil their new goodies at IDEX and Toy Fair. I was on vacation this past week. There's nothing like coming back home to a pile of doll boxes on the dining room table. That was fun!

Diane Evans is a gorgeous new doll in an adorable polka dot bathing suit. She has Friday Foster's head sculpt, brown eyes and raven hair. Her skintone is called Honey. She will be available late February at Tonner Direct in a limited edition of 500 for $109.99.  Pricey for a basic doll, isn't it? Some are already available for purchase; others are to reserve.
 More basics from the same line of dolls:
2011 Anne Harper Wigged Basic, $109.99 LE500, Green Eyes, Raven Wigged Hair, Bloom Skintone
2011 Patricia Holt Wigged Basic, $109.99 LE500 Green Eyes, Brunette Wigged Hair, Cameo Skintone.
Dressed Doll: Ann Harper Head Sculpt, Brown Eyes, Bloom Skintone.  LE250 $174.99

Dressed Doll: "Bye-Bye Baby" DeeAnna Denton
 "The alluring chewing gum heiress struts her stuff in a scintillating velvet dress with soft chiffon shirring, smartly accessorized with pointed-toe pumps, rhinestone earrings, necklace and bracelet." This doll has the 17" high-heeled female athletic body, brown eyes with blonde hair and bloom skintone. LE300. $209.99
The Alice in Wonderland line continues to grow with the addition of Alice in depicted in wonderful costumes from various scenes of the movie. Here is the text from the Tonner Direct site: 
"The apprehensive Alice masquerades herself as UM FROM UMBRIDGE, to protect herself from the malicious Red Queen.  This meticulously detailed costume consists of an extravagant dress with layered tiers of tulle and custom printed chiffon overlay.  Her arm is bandaged with a matching ribbon trimmed wrap, while her slender waist is wrapped in a tasseled belt.  Pantyhose and shoes also included.
Mia Wasikowska Head Sculpt and 22" American Model™ Body; Brown Eyes w/ Blonde Hair and Pale Skintone."  LE250 $299.99

Find out about the upcoming Tonner convention: