Who Is This Doll and Why Are They Calling Her Veronique?

Most of my readers know by now that the re-designing of Veronique is something I was opposed to. I believe she should have been discontinued if anything at all.  She is unique and was one of the two characters that launched the Fashion Royalty line. How can she be improved upon? She can't.
She can only become a new character. But the decision was made two years ago and the new Veronique has finally been introduced as Modern Comeback Noir and Blonde.  Each edition is 500 dolls and retails for $90. directly from IT. The opportunity to purchase the dolls has been offered as a lottery to W Club members only.

My personal reaction to these dolls is underwhelming. I was hoping for something I could love - something that attempted to be better than I expected - but what I got was ho-hum. Just another nice face and nice lingerie. Nothing new. This is not a comeback it is a drawback.
This doll should have been offered to all who wanted to buy her, not as a lottery. There are going to be lots of disappointed W Club members.


  1. I do like this new facemold, but there was no need to call her Veronique =) What was wrong with the "old" one? With a new faceup and applyed lashes, she still had a lot to give us (personally I love Onyx, wich was the last Vero released if I'm not mistaken...)

  2. she looks like dania zarr eye screen

    also i wish they would have give the eye screen we saw at the convention

  3. Deb A from CO1/27/11, 2:59 PM

    If IT thought they improved Vero, they missed the mark! What a let-down after waiting so long.

  4. I like the dolls
    I'm new and I've been told that they will look better in person with eyelashes.
    I think you're right, the package as a whole (a basic doll) does not do the product justice once you look at the history of the character with her extravagent gift sets and outfits

  5. She looks very basic, especially with no eyelashes, and those eyebrows do not compensate. They make it worse.
    I don't see anything special or distinctive about this new sculpt.
    I don't own a Vero. I had hoped that the new sculpt would be a must have for my collection, but instead she is just another mediocre doll I have no interest to own

  6. what to do what to do....
    i am leaning towards the raven haired one but like the blonde's lingerie better (and i am not even a 'pink' person)....

    can't decide whether to try for one or to just pass....

  7. I loved them at first sight and am happy to see a return to the lingerie. I thought the old Vero had a kind of Joker smile...a little too upturned at the corners.

    No disappointment from this collector.

    I like the new Vero much better than the new FR2 line...I was very disappointed in that line but am now relieved since I would have been on major doll overload with the new Veros AND the Brides of Dracula line!

    Connie in PA

  8. God,

    Do I LOVE that line
    It's a drawback not a comeback!
    You go Terri


  9. @Fazal...I kind of like it, too. Made me laugh.

  10. I find her to be just a half-step above the ITBE girls. Her mold is very undefined and play line-ish.

  11. I like their lingerie, but I am not overly fond of the faces. I like a more realistic face and I am finding FR faces of late to be too cutesy.
    What happened to Agnes and her fabulous tough face?..the last few Agnes dolls have destroyed her whole persona.
    I agree that these should be offered to everybody in the Club and not by lottery.
    So far, I am glad I haven't renewed as I am not happy with all the changes.
    Thank you for your candid reporting as always.


  12. How do I make a product attractive? By artificially reducing its availabilty on the market. Oh my goodness, even a privileged WClub member can only participate in a lottery!

    I am so glad I quit.

    You don't have to read that wonderful book about entrepreneurship. Just follow Integrity's tactics and you'll learn by doing (or paying) how collectors can be ripped off. They are the perfect prey.

    I hope Intergrity will continue to design such unappealing dolls - it'll do my purse good.

    Petra from Germany

  13. Well strange but the more I look at the dark hair version (which I've ordered,mainly for lingerie), the more she looks like a revamp/playline-ish Wonder Woman/super hero type. Who knows final product may be better, or I'll try to sell her head. LOL!

  14. It's not whether I think the nu mold is pretty or not. She just does not compare, resemble, remind or improve upon the original Vero which was so unique. Original Vero had a kittenish quality about her yet she was sexy and sophisticated. There was no other doll like her. When Adele was made over ( to most people )she was an improvement but this Veronique makeover is clearly not. Major FAIL. Bring the old one back!

  15. An underwhelmed wow for this one. Bad, sad move. Veronique wasn't ready for Convention.. she still doesn't seem ready. Maybe this will turn out like Tonner's attempt to change Tyler's sculpt of 2-3 years ago.. the customers seemed to have had the last say, and Tyler's old sculpt came back.

    I agree with the comment about "artificially" creating need for her by making it a lottery. There was no need.

    The face/character that launched it all for Integrity/Fashion Royalty, gets playline treatment. Thankfully I have my old Veroniques..

    Thanks for your continued reporting Ms. Gold!

  16. Raven Vero's brows look better in the official photos than the ones they sent from IDEX. I love bold brows but they are SO thick. Vero is and has always been my favorite. They are pretty but I'm underwhelmed. The sweetness she possessed is gone and the blonde one reminds me of Vanessa Poesie. I will try and hope for both but that's because I want to see them close up AND I"m a completionist. Not wowed by the FR2 line, the prices on the outfits...yikes! I guess they listened to our complaints about no purses, too bad we're paying high prices for them now. =( At least I have Evangeline...