Mattel Announces Four Club Exclusive Dolls for 2011

Mattel sent out email to all members of Barbie Fan Club showing two sneaks of actual dolls and a drawing of another. The fourth is still a secret.
Redhead Silkstones are winners in my opinion. This one is BFMC Ekaterina. She is the first club exclusive and will be available in February with free shipping.

This is a screen shot of part of the email. The Platinum Label doll is the blonde in the white dress. She is called Pinch of Platinum and has the endlessly skinny, hands-on-hips model muse pose, a boring vapid smile and an un-articulated body and collectors will buy every last one the minute she goes on sale. The sketch of the witchy-styled doll is called "Fall Holiday Hostess." The outfit is cute - nothing new but cute.
 "The opportunity to purchase Ekaterina™ Barbie® begins 2/9/11 at 11:00am CT for $99.95, for 2011 BFC™ members only, in the online shop. No more than 3,000 of these dolls will be available for sale. Doll purchases are optional and available only to members of the 2011 Barbie Fan Club." 

Information on joining (or re-joining) the BFC is coming next week.

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  1. Those boots have got to be the nicest shoes I have ever seen on any barbie. The silkstoens are usually a small step up form the regular dolls, but I also find their shoes so boring. I think I may have to get that doll. Too bad I can't order it through the fan club. mattel doesn't ship outside of the US.