Dracula and His Brides Have Returned!

Integrity Toys is continuing the vampire collection but this time the line is not affiliated with Ashton-Drake. It's called Dracula and His Brides: The Eternal Love Collection. Each doll is a LE500 and is priced at $125. Contact your favorite doll dealer to preorder.
The Count
The Contessa
The photography is excellent for this series.
They fashions are very cute. I really like the Count. It's too bad that there isn't the option for NO FANGS.

The red chairs are the same chairs we received at the convention in black, honoring the Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter series of books. These do not have the DH logo, of course. They are available in unlimited quantities to members of the W Club through the IT store.

I don't know what I will be ordering. What about you?


  1. I like the second installment better than the first. More youthful and hip. And the Count is handsome in a devious way. I wonder if he has a new body sculpt? He looks a bit stockier than the FR guys. Or it could just be the clothing.

  2. Well I will not be ordering any... but I will be ansious waiting for someone to seel those dresses on the boards =) They are cute! If I collected these I would rush and order Mina... she is my fave, love her makeup, and outfit =) I'm not sure what to think about the count, but he sure is scary, with that mouth and small eyes!! =) I gave up on collecting male characters. I have much trouble as it is already =)

  3. I'm not really into Dracula, but I love this collection! The count is handsome, and I love Mina and the Contessa's clothing, and I want Lucy's boots! Awesome!

  4. I won't be ordering any...the sculpt is kinda boring, I liked the closed mouth Lucy sculpt better and they didn't use that one...and Dracula looks awful. Simply terrible...face looks like it's wax and his sculpt looks like a cheap GI Joe knockoff. On a positive note, this means more $$ for Monograms and FR2 :-)


  5. am kind of disapointed cause i like lucy/simi face mold on her

    also the inspiration for fashion


    I would have DEF bought the Count and the Contessa!
    I have Mina already one vampire doll is enough
    I collect fashion dolls not gothic

  7. I agree...the images and styling is near next to perfection.
    Tom C.

  8. Or should I say 'are'...oops...my grammar...
    Tom, again...

  9. I love them! I loved their first incarnation and these girls are just as lovely and totally digging the fangs.

    I was disappointed that the first Lucy didn't have fangs so am glad to see these girls with them.

    I'm also happy to have Dracula and that he's not a pretty boy. Dracula is a monster so he should look a little bit scary!

    Big kudos to Integrity for continuing the series and answering many collectors' wishes for a Halloweeny themed collection!

    Connie in PA

  10. So wanted a Dracula, but I am not loving this facemold, and then the price range is killing me these days.

  11. I'm in between Contessa and Mina, still thinking... I also wish they had no fangs and a closed mouth.))) And I adore fashions. Dresses are great. First I decided the boots were vynil or plastic but at a closer look they turned out to be "normal". Wonderful outfits. The count hasn't made it to my heart, I don't like the face, neither fangs... just fashion. And Lucy has a dubious make-up to my taste.
    So I think Mina it is!!! And Contessa for my daughter!)))

  12. My purse rejoices!

    Hooker's boots and nightgowns...and this entirely unattractive Dracula. Hopefully the FR2 prices won't be such killers as well (125,00 EUR plus shipping), because I like the new Dominique head mold.

    Petra from Germany

  13. Oh, Cheerio, FR2 are EUR 175,00 plus shipping. Talk of the devil...

    I think I'll have to pass (out).

    Petra from Germany

  14. shattereddoll1/30/11, 5:32 AM

    I didn't even know Fashion Royalty existed before the first brides of Dracula came out, as all I collected were "gothic" dolls. Once I got the brides I looked into FR and have now not only a cabinet full of FR’s decked out in the most “gothy” fashions I can get my hands on but also joined the Wclub looking forward to turning more "fashion dolls" into goth dolls. I think it's great that this company has something for both types of collectors cause let's face it there are doll collectors and there are "gothic doll collectors". The gothic community has always been into dolls and miniatures. There is a market for these dolls.. Goths or goth collectors looking for just this type of doll , which could mean bringing a whole new fan base for companies that have something to offer them. Not only did these dolls bring me to this company but three of my closest friends are now also collecting them. I think this was a smart move for this company and bought all 4 and like the first wave may go back for a second set. I like my Dracula sexy and scary and I think they pulled that off nicely. But then again I've had dentally enhanced fangs for ten years now so I dig the fangs and would be upset it they were not there.. I mean.. once you defang Dracula you have to start calling him vlad or something else.. I’m sorry but a vampire without fangs to me would be like a book missing some of it’s pages.. Sure you could read most of it and get the idea but in the end you missed something. So why bother. However a no fang option.. Sure, fine for those who don’t want them why not.. For that matter why not add a fang option to ALL the other dolls lol. I wish I had an option to add fangs to Night warrior Vanessa.. Or my raw appeal Lukas : P (yeah yeah I pretend he’s hiding them in his closed mouth just out of sight) But that’s just me and my 2 cents on these dolls.