Luminous Ayumi and Lottery Drama

Luminous Ayumi was the IDEX exclusive doll offered by Integrity Toys to the public at the recent event. She was $160. The remainder of the dolls were put up for lottery to the W Club members and the results were announced yesterday. 
I was browsing a doll board yesterday evening when I saw a very angry and resentful post regarding the actions of lottery winners who post their lottery wins at an inflated prices. I checked the W Board and saw that, indeed, one winner had posted Ayumi for sale.  She stated that she open to offers higher than what she was asking on eBay. This person native language is not English.
There was anger directed at this woman in the succeeding posts. It was disturbing to read. Why couldn't these  people email the seller to tell her that posting a lottery win on the W Board immediately after the lottery ended could cause a problem and it's not a 'friendly' thing to do? Someone could have explained this to her. Last year a member did the same thing more than once and no one attacked her. I couldn't understand why this woman left to hang in the wind.
Anyway, today the angriest W Board post had been removed (by the poster?) and several voices of reason prevailed. The thread was also closed.

Here's Ayumi. A friend picked one up for me at IDEX.

The designers are playing the Name Game again. They call this doll Ayumi however she looks nothing like Ayumi. IMO this new sculpt is unattractive. That could be partly because of the ginormous eyebrows and huge forehead. It's too bad because her fashion is very pretty. The shoes are well made which allows the doll to stand without support.

 Luminous Ayumi has a beautiful and complex hairstyle that is woven with ribbon. This certainly took skill to create and it was done well. For redressers, this could pose a problem as the ribbon probably cannot be removed without undoing the hairstyle.

As of right now the average eBay going price is about $240.  It will drop because as more people actually receive their dolls, more will be offered for sale.


Silkstone Grace Kelly Bride Doll 50% Off

If you have been wanting the Grace Kelly Silkstone bride doll, Target is offering her for 50% off the original price of $175.




Monogram Magnetism was not one of my favorite dolls but tonight I redressed her and she's moved up the ladder. She is gorgeous in the right color.
In these images she's wearing the FR2 Only Natural dress, a shawl from a Randall Craig fashion, Rising Sun Kyori jewelry and Spring Forward Eugenia shoes.

What a difference from the fashion she came dressed in!

Here's Geometry wearing the Tribe wig and Basique Black gown.


Ficon Presents Ga-IN

A new doll from Ficon is now available for ordering. Her name is Ga-IN. She is LE30 and sells for $795.

collaboration with Park:Original makeup designed by park
skin:pale skin(not regular skin)
eye:side glanced eye.
doll includes:
doll+outfit+stocking+fur+wig+shoes+extra hands+tabaco pipe
outfit:inner dress+out dress+long black coat+fur
makeup:Yian & K

Clicking on the image will take you to the Ficon website where you can see more of Alexandra's magnificent photography of this gorgeous doll.

Toxica in Fugu