About Opinions

David Pogue writes a very popular tech blog in the New York Times. Last week he reviewed the new Flickr interface and according to this week's post he received feedback from many readers who were offended by his opinion.

He wrote:

To me, it seems that some people fundamentally don’t understand the function of a critic. Drama critics, movie critics, restaurant critics, music critics, tech critics — all of us, it seems to me — are hired specifically to present our opinions.

I would never describe my weekly columns as “news stories,” even if there’s sometimes a news element. They are reviews meant to guide readers toward products that, in my opinion, are good or bad.

You can certainly disagree with a critic. Sometimes, knowing that you almost always disagree with a certain critic is just as helpful in guiding your buying decisions as always agreeing.

But in the end, a reviewer is entitled to like the new Flickr just as much as longtime photographers are entitled to hate it.

The reason I am quoting this excerpt from Pogue's blog should be clear to most of my readers. 


Free Doll Clothing Patterns

While browsing Prego this morning, I came across a post from ~MICKI B~ Essex, England, aka Silkspike, in which she wrote about making a few t-shirts her girls. Click here for the original post on Prego.

She put up pictures and added her own methods for refining the shirts. This looks like something we can do!
Photos by Silkspike
Click here for the link to the T-Shirt pattern download.

More free doll clothing patterns.


Altered Color - Digital Magic

One of the themes this week on Prego is Black and White. I have an enormous archive of my digital doll photography, yet somehow, I remember individual photos even when they are several years old.
I like black and white images but even more than that, I like a shot of color in a b&w image. Here are several which appeared in a past FDQ piece a few years ago.
I do all my photo editing using Photoshop.

Click on each image to see the various color details.

Illusion Nadja
Puki Puki

CHO:LO New Collection "Pastel Perfect 1.4"

Designer extraordinaire, CHO:LO, has revealed his new spring collection. It is a breathtaking group of OOAK fashions for 16" dolls. Not surprisingly they are all sold out but you can still get some eye candy by clicking on the image below which will take you to the Flickr page on which all fashions are pictured individually.
Image by Cholo Ayuyao

Congratulations, Cholo, on an amazing collection.