The Barbie Look Collection

Sigh. It's such a shame. These are cute dolls and if they were articulated they'd be so much fun.They're all called "City Shopper Barbie Doll"  (Blonde, Brunette, ? and ?) Why don't the bottom two have distinctions? Strange.

Some of the clothes look cute and if you don't mind rubbery shoes and velcro, they'll do just fine.
Winter Weekend
Pink on the Green
On The Red Carpet

If you were to purchase all the items in this collection, including the wardrobe, the total would come to $289.45 plus shipping and tax. That's not so bad for four dressed dolls, six accessorized outfits and a wardrobe. It's a nice collection but they could have included a darker skinned doll.

 Click here to see the rest of the collection.


Misleading Ads on eBay

I'm going to start posting about the bullshit I find in auctions on eBay. I usually just send a polite letter to the seller but they rarely change their ad.
Today's garbage is an auction for a replacement Tiny Kitty body. The ad reads thus:

HTF! RARE!! 10" Tiny Kitty Articulated Body

You are bidding on a Rare, Hard to Find, REPLACEMENT BODY for your Tonner 10" Tiny Kitty doll.

This body is BRAND NEW from the factory and Never used.

Consider the cost of an articulated Tiny Kitty doll, and you will see that this is an Inexpensive way to update your Tiny Kitty doll and have an articulated body.  This New body has the highly sought after articulated elbows and wrists for unlimited posing possibilities! 

Not only are replacement bodies easy to find, they are not rare. Anyone can get them directly from the Tonner Store for $39. a piece. Last time I purchased a few it was buy 4 get one additional one free.  I informed the seller of this in a politely worded email.
Now, if this seller had discovered a Tonner body for TK whose knees did not splay out when she was seated, that would be rare because it doesn't exist. 
I previously blogged that I discussed the Tiny Kitty body with Robert last month in Orlando. The new Tiny Kitty's bodies will be the same as the last ones...unlady-like. I am really sad about that.  I  have a big collection of the gals and they look awful seated. 

A few more pictures in which the dolls would have looked nicer if their knees could come together.

If and when they get the body right, Tiny Kitty will become the fashion doll she was meant to be.

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