The Avant Guard Makeover

 Through the years my attitude toward having dolls repainted has changed. At first I resisted thinking that I wouldn't even buy a doll if she needed to be altered. What a difference having a doll repainted can make. I loved the changes so much that I re-bodied these gals as well.

Left:  IT outfit; Ficon sneakers; Monique Wig; Superdoll Glasses
Right: Nigel Chia suit; Patta wig; Jamieshow shoes

The doll on the left above, was originally "Lush," a sculpt also used by Androgyny and other AGs.

I had the green eye shadow changed the lips darkened. I love her now.

Fashion: Modsdoll Aurum
Fashion: Integrity Toys for FR16; Superdoll Wig


The doll with the blonde wig at the top of the page was originally either "Attention" or "On Edge." They all used the same open mouth sculpt along with my favorite, "Goldmine." 

Below is the original "Goldmine."

My "Goldmine" had yellowed and deteriorated and Vin recreated her for me.

The FR16 bodies can wear Kingdom Doll, many Gene and most Tonner Antoinette fashions along with the original Avantguard fashions, of course. Their wig size is generally a 4/5.  That also depends upon the wig. 

It's unfortunate that Integrity Toys ruined the line by using messed up face-ups with exaggerated colors and weird outfits. They were beautiful sculpts. Like they've done with other dolls, the bodies could have been upgraded to a more stable design. The Tulabelle and FR16 sculpts never came close. 

Repaints by Vin Trapani.


New Sybarite: BARONNE

I was surprised this morning to get an email picturing this lovely doll and the enticing word SHOP just beckoning for my little finger to click upon. I did and it didn't take long for me to make the decision to purchase this lovely gal. I love her fashion and I am also a big fan of short hair.

All photos in this blog post are the property and product of Superdoll.
Here is the complete text from Superdoll's promotional:

Venus is fabulous as could be in her green raffia, vine and embroidered silky rose headpiece and print on print daytime ensemble, but just guessing by her mood.... 
She probably not paying attention to anyone other than herself today!

From the top. A gorgeous headpiece of raffia sprouts symmetrically from leaves and a large green rose.. Delicately balancing just so atop her head...
Her gorgeous short platinum and pure black wig is modern yet glamorous and hugging her jawline... fabulous!
Her eyeshadows in the spectrum of rose and violets surround her eyes of translucent lemon and lime with lids of icy yellow.. Lips of rich coral.
Her 1 piece frock; a confection in printed satin overlaid in the mirror print tulle, a custom print reminiscent of rolling Bougainvillea over a Mediterranean balconette, bearing vines on the bodice... just screaming sundowners on the terrace.
It is always fun to spend a late afternoon among your best friends , but Venus giggled, and of course is having none of that as she sipped on a tall cold drink.
Always accessorised to the nines, Venus has a cute metallic handbag trimmed in metallic studs and raffia, a wide wrap belt in green matching raffia that knots around her waist 'just so', and gorgeously delicate green gladiator sandals that stop just short of her knee.
Hot Pink tulle gloves trimmed in matching pink raffia fringing are her final accessory!

Venus has no intention of doing anything other than lounging in the sunset this evening...
Could someone please hand her, her sunglasses?

Clone: 1000 Venus d'Royce

Of course she comes with the following standard accessories:
-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)

 In stock and ready to be delivered
Price: £269.75 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


She will make a delightful addition to my collection of beautiful dolls.