Instant Gratification Dolls

Every now and then you just need to have a new doll immediately. At 9:30 PM tonight I found myself in that situation and off to Walmart I went. I live in nowheresville and 9 miles away is a slightly larger nowheresville called Kingston, NY. We have dollar stores and CVS by the dozen. Our Walmart and Toys R Us are not mega stores so the pickings are usually quite slim. The Barbie fraction of an aisle was kind of barren as I expected. The aisle over had lots of big head Livs and Moxies and tiny pet thingies. But I spied some Monster High dolls and snatched up the two that I wanted. I almost ordered these several weeks ago but stopped at the last minute.

Four individual characters were there but I chose the two without fangs. They are Lagoona Blue , Daughter of the Sea Monster, and Frankie Stein, Daughter of Frankenstein (Duh.)

At under $38. for both (that includes NY tax), I got a kick out of them. They're more articulated than any Barbie doll ever made! Dressed in their platform heels, they measure 11". Add another 1/4 inch with the stand. Each girl has a pet. Lagoona Blue's pet is a piranha that goes inside her fishbowl handbag. So cute. Frankie Stein's pet is a dog who is stitched together, just like his owner. He also has angel wings. Does that mean he is dead and risen? 
The little details on their outfits are hilarious like the lightning bolt on Frankie's belt. Lagoona has webbed hands and lovely aqua streaks in her hair.
Their forearms are removable. These dolls are skinny with giant heads but it works and it's fun and now I want the Deuce Gorgon and Cleo de Nile gift set. It never ends.

Did I mention they're made by Mattel?

Integrity Toys Announces New Dynamite Girls for Fall/Winter

Three Dynamite Girls were announced yesterday. They are all LE 300 and the SRP is $54.99. The last wave of DG dolls were $40 each.

 From left to right they are:  Aria, Eltin, Neve,  Dressed in cute cold weather fashions they will be available at dealers late September/early October.  I wonder if the cute chair will be an item for sale. I like it.

It was also announced that there will be lower shipping rates. In their email Integrity says, "Integrity has been able to negotiate special online rates with both UPS and USPS, so you should see reduced shipping fees across the board on every order." I didn't know one could negotiate with the United States Postal Service.  I'm going to have to find out about that one. USPS and UPS have always had commercial rates.  What I think is more likely is that the service/handling charges have been added to the product prices so they won't show up in the shipping.

I ship cartons and packages all the time and I've shipped hundreds of items. I haven't negotiated lower rates.  When I weigh packages from Integrity they are always under the weight charged for. Last month (July) I received a carton containing 5 Gene Marshall replacement bodies. The carton weighed exactly 4.5 pounds although it said 6 pounds.  Via Priority Mail with $150. worth of insurance, the cost would be between $11.50 and $12.40 total. I was charged $23.95 for shipping.

Just to check, I logged into the Integrity store. The Gene Marshall (16") bodies are no longer available but the Fashion Royalty bodies are. Of course they weigh 25% less since they are for 12" dolls. I ordered 5 bodies and the USPS shipping came to $17.15. That's still way too high IMO.

However, it sounds like they are listening to the customers on this issue and it's a good sign that they are attempting to address the issue.


Tonner Fall/Winter 2010 Line ~ Part 4

There are many more new releases in the Fall/Winter Tonner line than I will post on my blog. In this final installment, I will just post some of the more notable ones.
Unfortunately there are no pictures yet of the "Vintage Revlon Collection - 10.5" Little Miss Revlon." Is the Tiny Kitty/Simone Rouge line done? I hope not.
Two great-looking male dolls have been added to the team.
From Firefly - Jayne Cobb, LE 1000,  $179.99 
Jayne Cobb/Adam Baldwin Head Sculpt; 17" Male Athletic Body w/ Blue Eyes and Brunette Wigged Hair

From Lord of the Rings - Legolas Greenleaf, LE 1500, $159.99
17" Matt Body, Pale Blonde Hair Hair/Blue Eyes
Orlando Bloom Head Sculpt w/ 17" Matt O'Neill™ Body

To the already fabulous Wizard of Oz line, Tonner has added three fantastic characters with a new interpretation: "Beauty and Brains" LE500,  $199.99
DeeAnna Denton™ Head Sculpt scaled to the 16" Antoinette™ Body w/ Brown Eyes and Cameo Skintone 
She looks like Lorena from True Blood.
"Heart on My Sleeve" LE500, $189.99
Duchess Head Sculpt and 16" Antoinette™ Body w/ Grey Eyes and Cameo Skintone 
I want this doll!
 "Hear Me Roar!" LE500, $199.99
Antoinette™ Head/Body Sculpt and Brown Eyes and Honey Skintone 

Wow! These are imaginative and creative and would be so much fun to have and display. I'd like to see them side by side with their 16" counterparts from 2007. 

All of the images in this post are the property of Tonner Doll Co. The last image is a combination of three.


Tonner Fall/Winter 2010 Line ~ Part 3

Robert Tonner continues to expand the beautiful old Hollywood theme with the introduction of "Gowns by Anne Harper" Collection. This collection consists of two new sculpts on two basic dolls and three dressed dolls. There are four separate fashions. The 'vintage' styling and period detailing truly bring out the best of Tonner as his Theatre de la Mode collection did previously.  All dolls have Tyler Wentworth's body.

Carol Barrie (Basic) LE500; $89.99 and Anne Harper (Basic) LE500; $89.99
Anne Harper LE 250, $174.99
Star Power (Carol Barrie) LE 250, $204.99
Hollywood Treasure (Carol Barrie) LE 250, $184.99

Outfit Only: Fresh Take LE500 $114.99
Outfit Only: The Angel's Deception LE500 $114.99  
 The images of two additional outfits were not ready at press time. "A Sensible Notion" and "Venus Rising." Both are priced at $114.99.

I think this is a stunning collection with fabulous fashions. The sculpts are lovely. Bravo Mr. Tonner on these new additions.


Tonner Fall/Winter 2010 Line ~ Part 2

The Antoinette Line has several new entries.
First up a wigged, blue-eyed gal with Bloom skintone. She is called "Glowing Muse Basic: Bloom." She comes dressed in a cute pink teddy with lace panties and black pumps. LE 1000; $124.99
Tonner Doll Co.

Tonner Doll Co.

There is no mention of pre-ordering with this new batch of Antoinette items. I wonder how that went.

I like the next two dressed dolls very much but there is no way I'm going to spend that much money on a doll at this time.
"Charmant"  LE150 $209.99
16" Antoinette™ Body w/ Lavender Eyes and Bloom Skintone; Dark red hair.
Glowing shantung top with blouson detailing, paired with a frothy embroidered lace flared skirt. Beaded floral jewelry, pantyhose, faux leather high-heeled shoes, and matching veiled hat also included. Includes display stand.
Tonner Doll Co.

"Jolie" LE150 $199.99
16" Antoinette™ Body w/ Green Eyes and Cameo Skintone; Light brunette hair.
Lithe chiffon gown under a finely tailored jacket trimmed with plush fur trim. Beaded jewelry, pantyhose, faux leather shoes, and matching feather trimmed hat also included. Includes display stand.
Tonner Doll Co.
Both of these gals are a bit on the overdressed side. I think that Jolie has enough going on with just the beautiful dusty rose gown, the jewelry and her hair. The hat and the jacket will make another wonderful outfit over a simple fashion. I definitely would love to have this doll!

There are four new blank faced mannequins and for the first time there is a black Antoinette. The color is called onyx. The listing says she has blonde hair but obviously that's an error.  LE 500; $49.99
Tonner Doll Co.
Two separate fashions round out the new collection. 
"Precocious" LE250 $109.99
Tonner Doll Co.   
"Tantalizing" LE250 $99.99

Gladiator-type shoes are so over.  

Tonner Fall/Winter 2010 Line ~ Part 1

I'll begin with the doll that I think is the worst of the lot. That would be the new 13" Supergirl. LE 1000 $139.99
Property of Tonner Doll Company
Why wasn't her hair combed properly for her photo debut? What is the lump at the crown of her head?  I have the feeling that Storm Photo, Tonner's professional photographer, did not take this picture.

OMG. Her face is so large, I can't believe it.  She ties with the event exclusive Little Miss Revlon for the huge jaw look I find quite unattractive.

It's a shame because the 16" Supergirl shown below is my absolute favorite female sculpt of Tonner's to-date!


As part of the Cami & Jon Collection there is now a male named Andy Mills, Event Planner. This is an adorable young man with a cool nerdy look.
Tonner Doll Co.
His description states that he's got the 17" Matt O'Neill Body, blue eyes and wigged brunette hair. 
LE 500; Retail Price is  $179.99. 

Who's That Lady?

Tonner's New 2010 Fall/Holiday Line Goes Live at 5PM Today

Stay Tuned


Tonner Direct Introduces Ultra Basic Male Dolls in New Skin Tones

Matt and Russell have been released in new skin tones. Matt is a sickly pale cameo shade and Russell has been whitewashed to a Jac skintone. Both have long hair pulled  back into a pony tail. They are 17" tall and do not come with a stand. Each is an edition of 300 and retails for $59.99. If you purchase both at Tonner Direct your cost will be $109.99.