Integrity Toys Announces New Dynamite Girls for Fall/Winter

Three Dynamite Girls were announced yesterday. They are all LE 300 and the SRP is $54.99. The last wave of DG dolls were $40 each.

 From left to right they are:  Aria, Eltin, Neve,  Dressed in cute cold weather fashions they will be available at dealers late September/early October.  I wonder if the cute chair will be an item for sale. I like it.

It was also announced that there will be lower shipping rates. In their email Integrity says, "Integrity has been able to negotiate special online rates with both UPS and USPS, so you should see reduced shipping fees across the board on every order." I didn't know one could negotiate with the United States Postal Service.  I'm going to have to find out about that one. USPS and UPS have always had commercial rates.  What I think is more likely is that the service/handling charges have been added to the product prices so they won't show up in the shipping.

I ship cartons and packages all the time and I've shipped hundreds of items. I haven't negotiated lower rates.  When I weigh packages from Integrity they are always under the weight charged for. Last month (July) I received a carton containing 5 Gene Marshall replacement bodies. The carton weighed exactly 4.5 pounds although it said 6 pounds.  Via Priority Mail with $150. worth of insurance, the cost would be between $11.50 and $12.40 total. I was charged $23.95 for shipping.

Just to check, I logged into the Integrity store. The Gene Marshall (16") bodies are no longer available but the Fashion Royalty bodies are. Of course they weigh 25% less since they are for 12" dolls. I ordered 5 bodies and the USPS shipping came to $17.15. That's still way too high IMO.

However, it sounds like they are listening to the customers on this issue and it's a good sign that they are attempting to address the issue.


  1. Cute dolls but I don't think I'm getting any!

  2. *snicker* I had to laugh at your negotiating with the US Postal Service comment.

    Special online postage rates? If you use USPS.com, you do get commercial rate pricing. It can save you $.15-.90 per shipment. I do hope that isn't what they mean. ;)

  3. Is Eltin using the Sookie face mold? I like the outfits, but I'm feeling a little cold on the dolls (no pun intended.) hopefully I can pick them up secondhand for cheaper. I thought the Dynamite dolls were supposed to be a cheaper alternative for dolls, their prices keep climbing!

  4. Aubrey: I will have to find out about the face molds. I'm really not familiar with the difference between these gals.

  5. Interesting news about Shipping isn't it? I have never heard of negotiating with the postal service, either.

    Prices for dolls go up, and shipping prices go down. It's kind of a weird wash.

    I have always wondered why all prices go down once a new product has been around for a bit. IE: DVD players, TV's.. yet dolls don't.(at least until they sort of fail to sell out at Retail)

    These DG are cute dolls.. but I don't think I'll be getting any.. at least until they go on sale. :D
    Nice to read your Blog, Terri.