Tonner Fall/Winter 2010 Line ~ Part 2

The Antoinette Line has several new entries.
First up a wigged, blue-eyed gal with Bloom skintone. She is called "Glowing Muse Basic: Bloom." She comes dressed in a cute pink teddy with lace panties and black pumps. LE 1000; $124.99
Tonner Doll Co.

Tonner Doll Co.

There is no mention of pre-ordering with this new batch of Antoinette items. I wonder how that went.

I like the next two dressed dolls very much but there is no way I'm going to spend that much money on a doll at this time.
"Charmant"  LE150 $209.99
16" Antoinette™ Body w/ Lavender Eyes and Bloom Skintone; Dark red hair.
Glowing shantung top with blouson detailing, paired with a frothy embroidered lace flared skirt. Beaded floral jewelry, pantyhose, faux leather high-heeled shoes, and matching veiled hat also included. Includes display stand.
Tonner Doll Co.

"Jolie" LE150 $199.99
16" Antoinette™ Body w/ Green Eyes and Cameo Skintone; Light brunette hair.
Lithe chiffon gown under a finely tailored jacket trimmed with plush fur trim. Beaded jewelry, pantyhose, faux leather shoes, and matching feather trimmed hat also included. Includes display stand.
Tonner Doll Co.
Both of these gals are a bit on the overdressed side. I think that Jolie has enough going on with just the beautiful dusty rose gown, the jewelry and her hair. The hat and the jacket will make another wonderful outfit over a simple fashion. I definitely would love to have this doll!

There are four new blank faced mannequins and for the first time there is a black Antoinette. The color is called onyx. The listing says she has blonde hair but obviously that's an error.  LE 500; $49.99
Tonner Doll Co.
Two separate fashions round out the new collection. 
"Precocious" LE250 $109.99
Tonner Doll Co.   
"Tantalizing" LE250 $99.99

Gladiator-type shoes are so over.  

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  1. "Believe in the power of ruffles..."

    This LINE is so over lol