Tonner Fall/Winter 2010 Line ~ Part 1

I'll begin with the doll that I think is the worst of the lot. That would be the new 13" Supergirl. LE 1000 $139.99
Property of Tonner Doll Company
Why wasn't her hair combed properly for her photo debut? What is the lump at the crown of her head?  I have the feeling that Storm Photo, Tonner's professional photographer, did not take this picture.

OMG. Her face is so large, I can't believe it.  She ties with the event exclusive Little Miss Revlon for the huge jaw look I find quite unattractive.

It's a shame because the 16" Supergirl shown below is my absolute favorite female sculpt of Tonner's to-date!


As part of the Cami & Jon Collection there is now a male named Andy Mills, Event Planner. This is an adorable young man with a cool nerdy look.
Tonner Doll Co.
His description states that he's got the 17" Matt O'Neill Body, blue eyes and wigged brunette hair. 
LE 500; Retail Price is  $179.99. 


  1. Miss Revlon looks like a bad dollar store knock-off of a Tonner sculpt. That should have not passed quality control.

  2. andy looks cute! (=