Tonner Fall/Winter 2010 Line ~ Part 3

Robert Tonner continues to expand the beautiful old Hollywood theme with the introduction of "Gowns by Anne Harper" Collection. This collection consists of two new sculpts on two basic dolls and three dressed dolls. There are four separate fashions. The 'vintage' styling and period detailing truly bring out the best of Tonner as his Theatre de la Mode collection did previously.  All dolls have Tyler Wentworth's body.

Carol Barrie (Basic) LE500; $89.99 and Anne Harper (Basic) LE500; $89.99
Anne Harper LE 250, $174.99
Star Power (Carol Barrie) LE 250, $204.99
Hollywood Treasure (Carol Barrie) LE 250, $184.99

Outfit Only: Fresh Take LE500 $114.99
Outfit Only: The Angel's Deception LE500 $114.99  
 The images of two additional outfits were not ready at press time. "A Sensible Notion" and "Venus Rising." Both are priced at $114.99.

I think this is a stunning collection with fabulous fashions. The sculpts are lovely. Bravo Mr. Tonner on these new additions.


  1. Terri - There are also photos of an outfit, Captivatingly Coy, which is probably my fave of the line:


  2. Dave...oops. How did I miss that beauty? Thanks for the link.

  3. Not sure if you know, but why does Tonner put those ugly clear plastic bands on their hats instead of including more appropriately vintage hat pins?

  4. Dave: If I remember to ask when I see Robert in a few days, I'll let you know. I don't think I'll phrase it quite that way though. LOL

  5. Thank you for filtering my comment - ha!