Nothing to Buy at Barbie Collector.Com

Three emails arrived from BC.Com yesterday. The first announced a free shipping offer.  The second was also about the free shipping and "Think Spring." The last came in near midnight and offered 20% off on Valentine's Day.  So I go over there, thinking I'll find something on which to spend my first quarterly $20. bonus only to find that the item which has a remotely attractive chance of coming here is a $75, unarticulated Barbie doll wearing a Zuhair Murad gown. $75.00? It's the designer name one is paying for.
I put it in my shopping cart and the $75. goes down to $55. but shipping is additional. WTF? It turns out that one must spend a minimum of $75. to get the free shipping. Isn't that a new thing? 
I did not order it.

I went back again later when I saw there was the new "Fiorella" Silkstone. I apologize to those who like her but this is one of the worst Silkstones ever. Fiorella is the definition of a hot mess. She looks like she got dressed in a thrift store with pieces thrown together from a shower curtain, a Spanish dancer, a street walker and a Cupie doll. What possessed the designer (Robert Best) to top it all  off with two cutesie bows in her hair? He must be losing it.
Her face is boring. That straight hairline is never my favorite and her hairstyle will never arrive like that IRL. This would definitely be throwing away $50. which is her price. Fiorella means little flower in Italian. Big mistake is more like it.
I wanted to spend money. I really did. I could always buy $75 worth of flimsy Barbie t-shirts. Nah.

I just figured out how to get the Zuhair Murad Doll and the free shipping without buying useless stuff. Well, maybe a little  useless. If I order three notecard sets @$15. each,  it brings my order up to $120. After the 20% off and my $20 bonus the total comes to $76.  Much better. I will use the notecards as gifts. It's a set of twelve 4"x6" folded cards with matching envelopes. I can freak out my Sybarite friends.
By my calculations, the Zuhair doll ultimately comes to $44. I'll sell the nude doll for about $15 and I'll  have a lovely gown. I just hope it's not covered in glitter. I'd better go take a look before I press the check out button. Ugh.

Oh crap. Look at this detail. It is glitter. I don't do glitter.

Why do I feel compelled to buy something when there's a sale? I saved money by not buying anything at all.


Happy Valentine's Day

Gene wears "Rendezvous," a Sandra Stillwell Presents creation.

It's also Rudy's 11th birthday. Happy Birthday, Rudy! Wishing you a healthy second decade.


Betcha Can't Buy Just One!

Ai Plum joins Ai Lagrus and a Rudette for a photo op. It doesn't get much cuter.

I haven't put eyelashes on Plum yet but I will get around to it. Neither doll is wearing all the outfit pieces they came with.

Have you gotten one yet?


Nelson Goes Brunette

I've been trying out wigs on Nelson. She looks great in every color but I have such a mish mosh of sizes, not all of them fit properly. Here is a Cheryl Wood wig. I was a bit small so I think it was made for Avantguard Dolls. I put it in my heating pad for a few minutes to soften the glue and it went on beautifully. It's a good technique to reshape your hard cap wigs. Just don't leave it in the pad for too long.

I am having difficulty with her lower leg stability. She's giving me the same instability problem as my Ficons. The knees keep getting into an awkward position. They need an improved design.