2017 Integrity Toys Convention Part 2 : Style Lab

Tulabelle True™ Nude Doll
I'm Curious
Fashion Only

Binx Barone™ Nude Doll
Fashion Only

Poppy Parker® Nude Doll
Your Move
Fashion Only

Liu Liu Ling™ Nude Doll
Just a Second!

Fashion Only

Poppy Parker® Nude Doll
Fashion Only

Tulabelle True™ (AA) Nude Doll
Who Are You?
Fashion Only

Tate Tanaka™ Nude Fashion Figure
Completely Mad
Fashion Only

Cabot Clark™ Nude Fashion Figure
Lover Boy
Fashion Only

Milo Montez™ Nude Fashion Figure
Dim The Lights
Fashion Only

Daley Daniels™ Nude Fashion Figure
Not All There
Fashion Only

Eat Me!
Accessory Pack

Entirely Bonkers!
Accessory Pack

Is that a bong Tulabelle is using?

Integrity Toys 2017 Convention Coverage Part 1 THE CONVENTION COLLECTION


Wicked Behavior
Natalia Fatalé™ Dressed Doll
Edition Size: 600 Dolls

Spell of Kindness
Vanessa Perrin™ Dressed Doll
Edition Size: 600 Dolls

Véronique Perrin™ Dressed Doll
Edition Size: 600 Dolls

Fashionably Ruthless
Tatyana Alexandrova™  Dressed Doll Gift Set
2017 Fashion Fairytale Upgrade
Final Edition Size: TBA


Rarest of All
Ayumi Nakamura™ Dressed Doll
The NU. FACE Collection
Edition Size: 600 Dolls

Changing Winds
Eden Blair™ Dressed Doll
The NU. FACE Collection
Edition Size: 600 Dolls


Rainbow Connection
Edition Size: 600 Dolls

Shining in the Starlight
Edition Size: 600 Dolls


Erin Salston™ Dressed Doll
The NU. FACE Collection
Edition Size: 600 Dolls

Believe in Me
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
Edition Size: 600 Dolls 

Drawn to You
Misaki™ & Amelie™ Two-Doll Gift Set
The FR Nippon™ Collection
Edition Size: 500 Dolls

That is a whole lot of dolls for a convention collection. I'm almost speechless. This IT convention has got to be the most expensive one yet. Gone are the days of the 6—7 convention dolls that you could take home in your suitcase...with a table doll or two and some swag stuffed in there. This is incredible!

If I were going to try to get anything from this list, here it is:

-Vanessa's (outfit only) - pink and frothy. I love it.
-Veronique (without outfit) is intriguing. I like the 40's glam aura.
-Eden Blair (dressed doll) is very pretty and her outfit is adorable. Love her hair, the boots, the 'turquoise' jewelry and the western hat. Unique combination. She is IMO the winner of all the dolls on this page.
-Erin's sheer embroidered top only. Nice piece. Interesting styling of her hair.

I don't remember Amelie and Misaki ever showing up at a convention. Misaki is cute. I used to have a good sized collection of her. Now I have just one. Their bodies did not hold up well.


Tragic News to Report

A lot of us remember The Doll Pages, a site that served the doll community for years with free photo hosting and a place to sell goods. This site was run by Steve Malarkey and Rae, his wife.
The shocking news I received last night was that the two were found dead in their burning home on August 10, 2017.

According to police, Steve shot Rae, set the house on fire and then shot himself.
I can't believe it. I know that we never truly know what goes on in other people's families and homes but this is really messed up.
According to my source who spoke to Rae on a regular basis, they were selling the contents of their parents' home in a flea market and had much cash in their house.
There are criminals who know how to set up scenes to look like suicides and attempt to cover up evidence of the true crime with arson. That's what it sounds like to me.

News Report

News Report 2

News Report 3


Many of you probably are aware that quite recently a photo sharing site was opened by the couple. using their original website to host this service. As with most web domains, the subscription will end unless renewed. I suppose that info is available through their webhost server.



Gibraltar Sybarite/DD_0126

I almost got away with not ordering this gorgeous doll because I forgot to put it in my calendar. Then I went on Facebook late in the day and there she was in all her glory.

I love this doll. Superdoll is killing it! I love everything about her from her fascinator to her wig to the makeup and all the way down. The colors are absolutely stunning.
I hope those bangles open up and I'm dying to see her "uncomfortable stilletto-heeled" court shoes.

Here's the description directly from Superdoll's website:
Venus is fabulous as could be in her strelitzia Extravaganza, a late night rendezvous calls for coiffure, blossoms and very high heels.
She probably not paying attention to anyone other than herself this evening!
From the top. A gorgeous headpiece of banana yellow guipure asymmetrically sprouts from her flaming blunt red banged wig. A statement just as we get started ...fabulous!
Her eyeshadows in the spectrum of shocking green and smoke surround her eyes of translucent pistachio and blind fern with lids of unripened vanilla. Lips of fluorescent coral Macaw and beyond.
Her 1 piece frock; an ode and a nod; in electric blue sinuous silk satin custom printed with deconstructed strelitzia embellished in laser organza petals and piece d' resistance..... a beaded Massaii corset finished with a flourish of jungle bouquet. Probably not something you would wear for pre rendezvous cocktails.. unless you were a D'Royce; of course.
Venus loves twilight and loves nothing more than oozing around in skin tight satin as the moon comes out.
Always accessorised to the twenty sevens, Venus has a discreet electric blue clutch trimmed in stuff that matches her corset, opera length gloves in almost not there yellow illusion tulle, and totally uncomfortable stiletto heeled courts in magical 'just the right' blue.
Huge inspired gilt bracelets are her final accessory!
Venus knows once the beats start beating she's gonna shimmy all night long.
Could someone please hand her, her sunglasses?

Clone: 1000 Venus d'Royce
Of course she comes with the following standard accessories:
-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)
Price: £279.75 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

279.75 British Pounds equals $375.90 US Dollars
Tonner has announced his newest DC Comics character, Wonder Woman #1. Why the #1?  There have been several Wonder Woman dolls from the TDC. Maybe this is the first Gal Gadot sculpted likeness. in a forthcoming series. 
The costume looks great but I like to see Tonner's dolls in person before making a decision.  I hope the finished product is prettier. I like the stand as opposed to the usual awkward saddle type. This is much more attractive. I hope it's heavy enough to support her.
I wonder what is  so "totally different" about this body besides the fact that she comes with several different types of hands.

This is the company's description:

The warrior Princess from Themyscira takes form as a 16" character figure of expertly engineered injected plastic and vinyl.  The totally new body has 15 points of articulation and Gal Gadot's likeness is captured in exquisite detail.  The finest saran is used to create lifelike hair set off with an accurate, highly detailed crown.

 Battle armor is a must for Wonder Woman and the extreme detail of this set is made for a Goddess.  Accurately sculpted depicting her movie costume, the WW armor consists of a molded breast plate with a genuine leather battle skirt; her armband and gauntlets are made of real metal.

Wonder Woman carries her golden lasso in a genuine leather harness.   Boots are made of detailed vinyl and resin.  Figure comes with changeable open hands, fists and gripping hands.

 Limited Edition 500 Dolls 

T17DCDD02 - Wonder Woman #1 - $225.00

From the Movie


"The Forum is on a Time Out"

I'm stunned by the notice I've just read when I went to log in to the WClub just now.
ALL members are being punished by having the forum shuttered because a handful of people don't follow the behavioral guidelines.

Why weren't those in question suspended instead of everyone losing privileges?
They say that this is the only way everyone can know where they stand on the issue.

This could have been done another way.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/161647048/time-out-stool

For sure I won't get the opportunity to buy the twins gift set now because I opened my mouth about this .


W Club "Right to Buy" Lottery for Lillith and Eden Gift Set

Many W Club members are keeping their fingers crossed in the hopes that they will be chosen to buy one of these really cute gift sets.  I am hoping to be one of the lucky collectors.

"Poetic Beauty" Lilith and Eden Blair Twin Doll Gift Set
The Heirloom Collection - 2017 Nu.Face Collection
LE 925
Price $199. plus postage.
Body Type NF 3.0
Skin Tone: Cream
Hair Color: Mahogany (Lilith) and Pale Honey (Eden)

I adore their outfits. Look at those boots and handbags! Their earrings are tassels. Absolutely adorable! I'm glad to see that their outfits are different enough from the other's outfit to make them distinctive looking.

Lilith and Eden have always been among the most sought after dolls. They are sometimes released at the same time although not aways in a gift set.

In reverse time order, we've seen:

Lilith "Smoke & Mirrors" and Eden "Trouble"  (Not a gift set.)

Lilith "Editorial Edge "

Eden "High Frequency" and "Sneak Peek" (Not a gift set.)
Lilith OOAK and Eden "Up All Night" (Not a gift set.)

Eden "Wouldn't It Be Lovely" 

 Lilith and Eden Giftset "Never Ordinary" Gift Set

Lilith "Hard Metal

Lilith and Eden "Lead Singles" Gift Set

Eden "Gretel Sweet Nothings"

Lilith "Rocking Ever After"

Lilith and Eden "Wild at Heart Gift Set

Lilith "The Great Pretender

Eden "Style Mantra"

Lilith and Eden "Elements of Surprise" Gift Set

Have you entered the lottery? It closes tomorrow 9/22/17.  (BTW This is only open to W Club members.)