"Drizzle" Sweater Set for Gen-X

On the Superdoll Collectables site today.

Knitwear and bling....what more can a girl ask for?Pack of 6 SweatersMade to fit Gen-XPrice: £160.00

160. = $214.25 US)

These would be very cute paired with the skirts that are on sale but I wish they would have shown some on on a doll.

I don't understand why Baronne is still available. I look at mine very often and think she's a delight. Her face is beautiful and her wig is adorable. She is much prettier in person than in the photos.



  1. Baronne is pretty but looks like she's wearing her grandmother's tablecloth.

  2. from what I know of rhinestones on material: these are just adorable but depending on how they're attached especially to knt [looks like just glue] they will pop off all over the pace which is sad the idea is incredible. BTW, not sure why this site hates wordpress so much & can't sign in with it

    1. If they are the kind of rhinestones with a glue backing for attaching to fabric, they should not come off even with washing, not unless you distort the fabric by stretching it out.

  3. They are attached by a gun-like tool using heat, at the factory. They are fused to the material. what onto care for is the thin cheap fabric and the big silver press studs. The sweater would have even nicer with just a tue at the neck. It is lumpy when you snap up the press studs.