Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor™ Barbie® Doll

With hair that oddly resembles that of Cruella DeVille, Mattel releases another half-stiff $100. doll. This one has posable arms and hands. That's a start.
There are many collectors who do Halloween displays and she will be perfect for that.

Carrying her “candelabra” and manor keys, Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor Barbie doll greets guests wearing a plum jacket featuring a dramatic bustle and a long, sweeping skirt. A wide swath of white runs through her black hair, which is pulled back into a bun. Earrings, a cameo brooch and Victorian-style boots are her elegant accessories, along with her Life in the Scream House “book.

At least she's not smiling.


Jamieshow Madra Redressed

Madra is modeling "Special Appearance," a gown by Ashton-Drake for Violet.

The jewelry was a table gift at a convention from another collector. The wig is by Ilaria.

The gown is covered with beads and sequins. It has no closures and slips on over the doll's legs - over a full length slip.

Here she is in a new wig from Chewin. Both wigs were made for Sybarites but they work on Madra.


Kingdom Doll's Brigantia

Buyers of Brigantia, Kingdom Doll's latest release and the second sculpt in the line, have begun to post photos. I found these two by Laurie Lenz to be particularly striking.

You can see more photos of this gorgeous doll and so much more on Prego.http://members5.boardhost.com/prego/