Sad Sally!

Somehow, in the midst of so many dollies, I missed the introduction of Sad Sally. She is a new resin doll introduced at the Tonner Convention last May. Here is a snippet from the Tonner blog: 
...the absolute highlight of this brunch event was the introduction to a BRAND NEW DOLL COLLECTION for Wilde Imagination.  Prepare to fall in love:  Meet Sad Sally!  She’s a 7″ Resin Darling with changable eyes and hair.  Sad Sally is… well,… sad.  Her parents are two famous actors (who shall not be named), and whenever they host their infamous soirees, Sally sneaks into the coat room and snips the buttons off of the guest’s jackets. Ha ha! Sad Sally is rather sentimental, so she collects those buttons, and hides them away in a sad little shoe box underneath her bed.  OK now you’ve heard the cute quirky story, now behold the darling little Sad Sally, creation of the doll mastermind, Joe Petrollese:
Introducing Wilde Imagination’s latest Resin Charmer: Sad Sally!
Sad Sally Outfit
Sad Sally Outfit
Sad Sally Outfit
Sad Sally Outfit
 Cute, right?!  Keep your eyes peeled for her later this year.  She’ll be available as an adorably melancholy dressed doll, with outfits available too!

I'm wondering if she will be the doll we will get at the luncheon in Kingston in 2 weeks. Or perhaps we will see her on Friday night at the store. Hmmm.
She is adorable.


Yellowing Bodies and Something New

The other day I took this nude Gene doll out of the closet where she's been stored for a few weeks and noticed something other than her yellow body which she's had for almost a year. Look at the dark line coming down from her ear and going around the back of her head.
I posted this picture on one of the doll boards and the consensus of opinion was that it was from a hair net. I wondered how could this be? I got her several years ago and her hair hasn't been netted for a long time.

Here is an interesting explanation:
It looks like a mark from the rubber edge from a hairnet:
I do repair and restoration of dolls and have seen this before. the rubber in the hairnet edge will deteriorate and before it even does it can make a mark, sometimes not showing up for a while even years. It all depends on the hairnet, and the rubber used, mostly now they wrap the rubber in white poly thread but if the rubber is strongly "unstable" or badly produced (just like the plastic parts of a doll oxidize) it can react and start to seep into the vinyl and may not change color until later, we must remember that plastic,vinyl and rubber are all rather "fluid " materials atomically, and their structure is constantly moving. so what shows up on a surface now may disappear or move inward to the interior or outward to the surface. the color of the mark has distinct properties, green being a color that appears with a stronger copper content, and the rubber used could have been exposed to copper somehow (or brass etc) therefore making the greenish mark. An example of rubber affecting plastic is evident in many dolls like Dawn, that have rubber vinyl legs and plastic hips - they melt into each other sometimes and it really depends on the way the rubber and plastic is batched before being used in a mold part. 

Posted by mikemade on August 1, 2013

This is an Integrity Toys manufactured Gene Marshall. 

When does one just give up? I have no more replacement Gene bodies. I've used up all of them replacing deteriorating IT bodies and replacing a few non-articulated bodies on Ashton-Drake Genes.

Monster High Cleo De Nile & Draculaura

Angelic Dreamz posted pictures of two new Monster High dolls today.
I don't collect them any longer but if I did, I'd get Draculaura for sure. She looks quite sophisticated in her tight little red skirt and plaid cape. Her hatbox is just adorable. Cleo is wearing her usual turquoise and gold signature colors - no big change there.
Each doll comes with three additional pairs of shoes, two pairs of earrings, sunglasses, tote bags and the usual assortment of flimsy bracelets. Ooh...I just noticed that Draculaura has painted white hands to resemble gloves. Such a lady.


Tulabelle: Yeti To Wear

I picked up Yeti today and took pictures. Here is my review.

My first impression was a good one. The outfit is well made and comes with great jewelry. In my opinion, this doll is a good value compared to similar dolls being produced today.

In this photo, I put her fur vest on over her hair because it didn't look good on top of the fur. She is standing on her own.

The boots are a very dark plum. They are really nice and balance the doll well. There's a full zipper up the back.
There are four pieces of jewelry. The one I haven't included consists of dark-colored beads and I didn't think is was necessary. I love the earrings, pendant and ring.  The clutch bag is lovely. Unfortunately, the doll can't clutch it. I didn't want to put any sticky dots on the purse so she's holding it under her arm.
So we have a great fashion and a doll with a nice body.

The factory coated her hair with a waxy or greasy substance. It can be washed out. What can't be fixed are the weird bangs. They don't lay on her forehead like real bangs. I think she'd be better with a wig.

The real issue I have is with the cartoonish screening of her face. There is no shading - no gradation of tone at all.

I'm wondering if I can use her body with another head - perhaps an AG head or an Antoinette head.


Robert Tonner and Vintage Sindy! What?

Starting at minute mark 17:00 Robert Tonner appears to discuss his company's plans to reproduce vintage Sindy dolls.

I have the 20 minute video set to begin a few seconds before Robert's appearance.

The 4th annual Sindy convention celebrated her 50th birthday on Saturday, July 27th. in the UK.
The only contact I ever had with Sindy was scouring the internet for 1/6 scale furniture for my Fashion Royalty dolls.

Over the years I've had Sindy beds, dressing tables, wardrobes, a lamp table, breakfronts, dressers, a dining table with chairs, a fabulous writing desk with ottoman and sofas. It was great stuff and you can still find it on eBay.

The earliest Sindy product was made by Pedigree. There's a really cute standing hairdryer on eBay (UK) right now for £19.99. I'm so tempted.
My picture of the Sindy Lounger with added umbrellas.
My picture of the bench that went with the dressing table.
My picture of the writing bureau.
There are wonderful pieces of Sindy dolls, furniture and accessories out there. 

Sindy is the free, swinging girl that every little girl longs to be. Sindy has sports clothes, glamour clothes, everyday clothes — a dog, skates, a gramophone — everything... Every genuine Sindy outfit is a child's dream come true. Each one is designed for today's fashionable young women by today's leading women designers. They are authentic miniature replicas of the latest adult clothes.

If you would like to know more about Sindy, Wikipedia has an excellent page:

Two final images are copyrighted Pedigree Toys.


The Sybarite Convention Doll: ONYX

The photos are starting to show up of the doll the attendees received last night. She is a beauty and her name is Onyx. At first she reminded me of Gothica but upon comparison, Onyx's makeup is less intense. One day I'd like to have a raven-haired, red-lipped Syb. I'm sure this one will be a favorite and quite pricey on the resale market.
These photographs were posted on Prego and Doll Observers and appear here with permission of the photographers, of course.

Posted by Aquabluerose:

Onyx has one golden eye and one silvery eye.

Posted by Yuki:

Attendees were photographed on the "red carpet" by a pro and their photos were printed out for taking home.  One of the goodies they received was a doll-sized backdrop which echoed the full-sized one used for their pictures. That's really cute.

I really like both dolls that made an appearance at this event. I love Gilt Dipped's outfit and Onyx's face and wig. But I shall love from afar and enjoy the images produced by the owners of these wonderful dolls.