Monster High Cleo De Nile & Draculaura

Angelic Dreamz posted pictures of two new Monster High dolls today.
I don't collect them any longer but if I did, I'd get Draculaura for sure. She looks quite sophisticated in her tight little red skirt and plaid cape. Her hatbox is just adorable. Cleo is wearing her usual turquoise and gold signature colors - no big change there.
Each doll comes with three additional pairs of shoes, two pairs of earrings, sunglasses, tote bags and the usual assortment of flimsy bracelets. Ooh...I just noticed that Draculaura has painted white hands to resemble gloves. Such a lady.

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  1. Mmm, I love that Draculaura, she looks very classy, but I'm not sure about her hands. Maybe I'll get Draculaura+Clawd music festivals pack, her dress is very cute too (and I want Clawd so badly)
    Take care