Robert Tonner and Vintage Sindy! What?

Starting at minute mark 17:00 Robert Tonner appears to discuss his company's plans to reproduce vintage Sindy dolls.

I have the 20 minute video set to begin a few seconds before Robert's appearance.

The 4th annual Sindy convention celebrated her 50th birthday on Saturday, July 27th. in the UK.
The only contact I ever had with Sindy was scouring the internet for 1/6 scale furniture for my Fashion Royalty dolls.

Over the years I've had Sindy beds, dressing tables, wardrobes, a lamp table, breakfronts, dressers, a dining table with chairs, a fabulous writing desk with ottoman and sofas. It was great stuff and you can still find it on eBay.

The earliest Sindy product was made by Pedigree. There's a really cute standing hairdryer on eBay (UK) right now for £19.99. I'm so tempted.
My picture of the Sindy Lounger with added umbrellas.
My picture of the bench that went with the dressing table.
My picture of the writing bureau.
There are wonderful pieces of Sindy dolls, furniture and accessories out there. 

Sindy is the free, swinging girl that every little girl longs to be. Sindy has sports clothes, glamour clothes, everyday clothes — a dog, skates, a gramophone — everything... Every genuine Sindy outfit is a child's dream come true. Each one is designed for today's fashionable young women by today's leading women designers. They are authentic miniature replicas of the latest adult clothes.

If you would like to know more about Sindy, Wikipedia has an excellent page:

Two final images are copyrighted Pedigree Toys.


  1. Oh, cool! Thanks for keeping me (a little) up on what is going on with fashion dolls, Terri. :)