The Sybarite Convention Doll: ONYX

The photos are starting to show up of the doll the attendees received last night. She is a beauty and her name is Onyx. At first she reminded me of Gothica but upon comparison, Onyx's makeup is less intense. One day I'd like to have a raven-haired, red-lipped Syb. I'm sure this one will be a favorite and quite pricey on the resale market.
These photographs were posted on Prego and Doll Observers and appear here with permission of the photographers, of course.

Posted by Aquabluerose:

Onyx has one golden eye and one silvery eye.

Posted by Yuki:

Attendees were photographed on the "red carpet" by a pro and their photos were printed out for taking home.  One of the goodies they received was a doll-sized backdrop which echoed the full-sized one used for their pictures. That's really cute.

I really like both dolls that made an appearance at this event. I love Gilt Dipped's outfit and Onyx's face and wig. But I shall love from afar and enjoy the images produced by the owners of these wonderful dolls.

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  1. Brave, brave Terri!! I am surprised you were able to stay away from the convention ^_^ I know what a huge fan you are!