Tulabelle: Yeti To Wear

I picked up Yeti today and took pictures. Here is my review.

My first impression was a good one. The outfit is well made and comes with great jewelry. In my opinion, this doll is a good value compared to similar dolls being produced today.

In this photo, I put her fur vest on over her hair because it didn't look good on top of the fur. She is standing on her own.

The boots are a very dark plum. They are really nice and balance the doll well. There's a full zipper up the back.
There are four pieces of jewelry. The one I haven't included consists of dark-colored beads and I didn't think is was necessary. I love the earrings, pendant and ring.  The clutch bag is lovely. Unfortunately, the doll can't clutch it. I didn't want to put any sticky dots on the purse so she's holding it under her arm.
So we have a great fashion and a doll with a nice body.

The factory coated her hair with a waxy or greasy substance. It can be washed out. What can't be fixed are the weird bangs. They don't lay on her forehead like real bangs. I think she'd be better with a wig.

The real issue I have is with the cartoonish screening of her face. There is no shading - no gradation of tone at all.

I'm wondering if I can use her body with another head - perhaps an AG head or an Antoinette head.


  1. Yes, they go very well with the Avant Garde heads, and I've used them for Tonner heads as well. Regards, Jools

  2. The outfit is really cool... Rudy seems to like her, Tulabelle is very sweet (I like her more than the 16'' Poppy).

    You know I've never seen one of these in person, but personally a body that doesn't have a waist joint is always a letdown for me...

  3. I was able to get her to hold the clutch between the thumb and forefinger on her left hand. Wedged right in. (=

    1. That's great. I'll have to try again.