Barbie-inspired Moschino Runway Show in Milan

Jeremy Scott, creative director of Moschino, put on a Barbie-inspired fashion show in Milan yesterday. As the models went down the runway the song, I'm A Barbie Girl (Aqua) played.
The audience received a Barbie doll dressed similarly to the first model down the runway:

Check out these fashions.

Some of them are a little scary - even for Barbie.

 Some would be perfect for the 12" crowd.

 I would love to have been at this show. 


  1. I would love to have this Barbie. The outfits of the show are real fun, the dress with the bikini on it is very original! The pink suit with the heart-shaped bag reminds me of Elle from Legally Blonde :-D.

  2. The Barbie outfit is terrific! Most of the clothes from the show are very Fashion Fever, with a few Haute Couture/Oscar de la Renta era added in. Certainly an interesting concept, and I agree that I would like to see these produced for dolls.