Good News!

Integrity Toys has come forth with a statement concerning the defective Regal Estate Agnes dolls. If you have a doll that has been affected by the mold issue you must immediately contact PatientCare at patientcare@integritytoys.com. Do not wait. There is a voluntary replacement policy that will expire in May. Alternately, if you have taken care of the mold on your own and can document it, you may be eligible for a $25 gift certificate.

The other good news is that I will be getting the new Vanessa. That will make a total of 22 Vanessas that have been created since the beginning of time. ;-)

Having one of each is an obsession with me.
This is Flame Blue Vanessa a W Club exclusive doll with an ultra limited edition of 300. She is part of the "re-edition" line of dolls that celebrates the best of prior dolls in new editions with similar styles.
Her name is taken from that of "Flame Rouge" Veronique whose gown also consists of a bustier with mermaid skirt plus large train.
I had Flame Rouge for a time and sold her because the dress was just too big. Jason used a similar formula for Lush Life's gown.

I love the new Vanessa's hairdo. It's the type that stays in place forever. No frizzies or uneven ends. Yay!

The doll was by lottery and I'm guessing that pretty much everyone entered. I didn't read a single negative statement about her.

Here's hoping she arrives mold-free and swiftly.

The images in this post are the property of Integrity Toys.


  1. I find her as unattractive as all Vanessas and I did not enter the lottery. It was not even worth my time to enter with the intent to resell as I don't want another Vanessa to ever cross my threshold.

  2. YaY for you Terri! I'm sure you're relieved. This will my my FIRST Vanessa. I'm hoping winning her as a lottery doll is a good omen.

    I think she will be gorgeous, and an instant classic for those who like or are on the fence about Vanessa

  3. I'm glad that you reported Integrity's response to the Agnes dilemma. There were numerous threads on numerous boards about the problem but very few are reporting on how well Integrity is trying to address the issue. Good job Terri for being even handed and fair.

  4. well, I've already traded BF Vanessa for what I consider a much better doll. My quest for a Vanessa continues.

  5. alejandro said...

    "well, I've already traded BF Vanessa for what I consider a much better doll. My quest for a Vanessa continues."

    Why? Didn't you like her?

  6. She did not WOW me.

    The gown was the same color as my high school colors (royal blue & gold), so the blue was very off putting.

    I do not care for the color of her hair. I would have liked medium brown or black hair more, even if that has already been done. I also thought the hairline was too high, giving her a big forehead. That seems to be a trend with recent Vanessa releases.

    I traded her for Optic Verve Agnes NRFB

  7. @alejandro - I think blue and gold were the hs colors of 1/2 the country!

  8. yes i suppose. I'm hoping this gown is redone as a centerpiece at this years convention w/ a new color. (because I will be there this year), AND with hair I really like.

    where is your BF Vanessa? I've been waiting to see what you think

  9. Where is she? I've been wondering the same thing. I hate waiting especially when everyone is posting pictures of theirs.