Picture of the Week Award ~ April 25, 2010 ~ Tatiana Wisotsky

Tatiana posted this gorgeous shot of Regal Estate Agnes (who appears to be freshly bathed.) ;-D  She's looking stunning in satiny white robe against the black and white of the Fashion Royalty bedding.

Tatiana used a hand held Nikon D90 with it's built-in flash for this photo. Normally when she is shooting her dioramas, she likes to use "angled external flash instead of direct" lighting. She says, "that allows for better color and light distribution throughout the shot. By angling the flash head up and bouncing it off the ceiling, you get a soft diffused light and avoid lens shadows."

A note of caution about bouncing your flash. Make sure you are bouncing the flash off a color that will not affect your photo unless you wish to have a color cast. If you don't have an appropriate ceiling you can bounce your flash off large white poster or foamboard. Most cameras can be fitted with a diffuser for a hot shoe flash as well.

Congratulations, Tatiana, on your Picture of the Week Award!

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