Review of Incandescent Monogram Doll

Incandescent is one of three Monogram dolls released in April by Integrity Toys. Her vinyl is very pale and and her palette is a neutral combination of deep apricot, mauve and brown. She is dressed in an elegant fashion of textured white fabric with pink trim. Under the jacket is a charming fitted dress with 'real' pockets. The dress fits beautifully except the skirt could be a bit less tight at the thighs.This particular facial screening gives the doll a mature look. The hair is short and not styled in any particular way. It's just gelled close to the head. I wasn't disappointed because I can put wigs over her hair.

The jacket has a collar that extends into large lapels. The top hook/eye shows when the jacket is closed. What's up with that? Sure it's an easy fix but why can't it be sewn on in the right place to begin with? The jacket is the right size; it doesn't pull; the hook is sewn in the wrong place. I couldn't even take a decent picture of her with the jacket closed because of the hook showing.The hat...umm...I don't know what to say so I will just describe it: black straw that is gathered at the top in a ball with a black bow attached. Underneath is a formed felt cap that sort of sits on the head.
It's strange but I like it - I think.
Her earrings are pewter color metal with 4 low dome white 'stones.'
The finer details are the tiny buttons on the 3/4 sleeves and the peplum on the jacket. Very nice.
The shoes are a great style. The heels are a bit too high and don't stand properly vertical but they can be filed down. If you look back at the first shot, you will see that the skirt causes the doll to look pigeon-toed because it is tight. Annoying little defects in construction like this are so frustrating. I hate that I paid $150. for a doll that has these problems.

Included with the doll are sunglasses and the ubiquitous, elbow-length, black potholder gloves.

Aren't the Monogram dolls supposed to be the best of Jason's designs?

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  1. i love your reviews

    i only got enigmatic, and that was the right decision for me

    i think they have issues with making the mono skirts too tight period.