A Change of Pace

With several new outfits and one new Monogram doll head, I had reason to photograph some 12" dolls this week.
This is Monogram Exaggeration wearing an HJ Couture top, FR pants, boots and jewelry. She's got a smouldering look on her face.

Elyse and Kyori, both on FR2 bodies, model VJohn dresses beautifully.  

Last, we have a  Mini-Avantguard doll who is wearing a NuFace fashion. I spend so little time with the IT doll world these days that I can't remember their exact names or the names of the fashions. But I'm very happy with the beautiful dolls I have kept and hope talented designers keep making affordable outfits for them.


  1. Terri, you dolls look gorgeous in these fashions. Did it hurt your hands dressing up the small scale girls again, lol.

    Dasha is finally coming out, and I heard a rumor that Jason Wu designed the Convention collection for this anniversary year. I hope that's not just a rumor!

    1. Hehe. From whom did you hear about JW designing the collection?

    2. The ususal, somebody, who knows somebody who knows somebody at IT, haha. It would certainly be big news if its true. I don't think he had a hand in the JetSet or Tropicala event.

    3. Perhaps he'll tell them what not to do. That would be an improvement.