Once Bitten, Twice Shy

I recently purchased an NRFB Sybarite convention fashion called Viper Byte. I'd seen beautiful photos of dolls wearing the fashion.  I had to have it.  

The jacket along with the pants are the best parts of this multi-part fashion. The pants are very nice and fit beautifully. The t-shirt, which I did not photograph, is unfitted and the stitching on the stretchy fabric is poorly done. I took it off my doll.  The finish on the belt is very fragile and after closing the hook I noticed that a small part of the surface of the belt was scratched off.
The bracelets are metal and there's no way they could have gone on unless the hands were removed or the metal was spread open. I chose the second method knowing that closing them up again would probably cause them to break. One did break. The heels on the beautiful shoes are as thick as the lead in a pencil and as fragile. Luckily I did not break them. This is the first individually purchased Sybarite fashion to cause me such disappointment.

So last week it was Lawn and this week it's Viper Byte.
Update on Lawn...she's been sent back to Superdoll and they are going to replace her with a new doll. Postage at their expense both ways - as it should be.

My model above is a newly acquired Dionysis repaint by Yian wearing a wig by Cheryl Wood.

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  1. I wonder if the metal cuffs are put on ala Phoenix and J'Adore- you have to remove the hands then slip on the cuffs.

    Hoping for the best on Lawn!!!