Ever After High™ Royal Dolls

How is it that Mattel can produce fully articulated dolls on a massive scale for the Monster High and Ever After High dolls and yet they stick with the stilted model pose on their fashion dolls?
From left to right: Briar Beauty, Apple White, Raven Queen, Madeline Hatter
Here are the new  Ever After High™ Royal Dolls. I haven't been following the line but I believe these were the first to be released. They look less monstrous :-) than their predecessors and are quite cute. Justice is selling them for $21.60 each. 

According to a doll tracker, the dolls do not stay in stock for long at Justice. If you find one at Amazon or on eBay, it is sure to be more expensive. Of course, after the 'newness' wears off, you can get pretty much everything.

If you care to read about the line and it's backstory, here is the Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ever_After_High
Hunter Huntsman
Ashlynn Ella
These two come as a set.


  1. Because it's not about ability it is about their perception of what an adult collector is. Mattel has not come to accept that adult collectors PLAY with their dolls. Instead they think that adult collecting is still NRFB, and to compensate they create "boxed vignettes" and the model muse as the perfect mannequin for showing off their fashion, which also are not often about quality or function, but "look".

  2. Well Mattel did released a line of articulated collector dolls called "Pop Life" back in 2009. But I remember seeing the body type on any other dolls after so maybe it doesn't really appeal to Barbie collectors in general. The MM body on the other hand has been in constant use since it is first introduced in 2004. That might be a fair indication of collector's taste as far Barbie's body type is concerned. Can't blame Mattel for giving what collectors want. Maybe it could simply be the NRFB culture that is more prevalent amongst Barbie collectors, I don't know, but I'm ok with the lovely MM body, If they wanted to change entirely to pivotal I'm ok too, just hoping they might find a way to disguise the ugly joints. That's the major reason I can't get myself an FR doll. I can't stand the sight of them joints. Makes them look like robots...

  3. Stay away from buying dolls at Justice if you can, they are a major rip-off. About a month ago they were having one of their "up to 40% off" sales & that included Monster High dolls which were 40% off. The problem was that they were pricing their MH dolls at $34.99 when everyone else was charging $19.99. 40% off of $34.99 is around $20.00, so they weren't any cheaper than everywhere else. I think they consistently overprice the MH dolls, & I'm sure they do the same thing with the Ever After dolls.