Wilde Imagination New 2013 Fall/Holiday Release

There are many beautiful products in this new release from Wilde Imagination. I will touch on only a few in this post and link you to the rest.

San Francisco Chill Outfit for Ellowyne $99.
This Ellowyne is also a new release. She is Ellowyne - Feeling Drained Three. She comes with a second wig which is long and blonde. $149.

Romantic Knot Wig $45 modeled by Essential Prudence Four, Wigged Out.

One More Time Evangeline $225.

There is much more including Amelia Thimble and Patience.
Hoping the following link works!



  1. Wish we could get wigs like this for the Nu Mood girls!!!! I imagine Ellowyn's head is too big to use her wigs for Tyler. REALLY tired of the long, layered shag Tyler and Syd keep getting. But, who knows if they'll be around much longer (Tyler, not Ellowyn).

    1. I was thinking similar thoughts yesterday. That first short wig on Ello would look adorable on JamieShow Gene and Tyler.

  2. I LOVE the blonde wig on Prudence, who is my most favorite (although I am not crazy about the way they paint her lips. The short brown wig is the one that comes on her (Essential Prudence Four) and I LOVE the way it looks; It is just a 'fresh' new look for her. Where can I get the blonde "romantic knot" wig? The color is pretty.