Annual Facets Picnic

The weather turned out to be glorious for the annual picnic put on by Marcia Friend at her home in New Jersey. This was our fourth time and although the skies ahead looked ominous for a while, it was a sunny and mild day to sit outside and mingle with other doll collectors.
A dense line of clouds appeared over the bridge.
If you haven't been to Marcia's let me just say that seeing her doll collection is like going to a modern fashion doll museum. The dolls aren't just hanging out in cases, they are arranged in artistic tableaus with the finest furniture and props. While most of her collection on display consists of 16" dolls, smaller and larger dolls are included as well. In fact, her Cissy dolls are just to die for.
You might get a tiny idea from these shots:

Don't forget that you can click on any image to enlarge it.

Guests are invited to bring dolls along to display.

Paul Pham brought a OOAK Numina to display whose photo I have previously published.   Paul was surrounded most of the time by admiring collectors.

Adrian brought two of his Numina.

And there was food. Lots of yummy food. Rudy was a good boy. He stayed on the cool grass, under a table in the shade.

A fun part of the afternoon is the "free table." People send and/or bring doll stuff for this event. The crazed collectors (yes, I am part of that group) are held back until the GO signal is given and a free-for-all ensues. I was actually pushed very hard by a man whose name I don't even know. Some people are very serious about getting their free stuff. :-)

Our hostess:

But wait; there's more! Door prizes galore. Many were provided by collectors and many were provided by Wilde Imagination.  The prizes were very generous and lots of lucky attendees went home with great stuff.

It's always a fun day when spent with other doll people.


  1. I Loved reading about Marcia's BBQ and seeing these photos, Terri. Thank you so much.

    It is always so great to get together and just have FUN. Dolls, Friends, Great Food, and Prizes..it is just the BEST.

    Missed everyone and look forward to next time!
    Oh And Really, Really Missed RUDY!!!! xoxoxoxxo


  2. I didn't get a chance to say hi to you but I was there a bit later in the day :). I was shopping downstairs for a long time... decisions!

    It was a lot of fun and the free table WAS insane, I couldn't get to touch the table for the first 20 seconds or so and of course by then the awesomest stuff was grabbed. It was my first time I was not aggressive enough lol.. I saw some pretty cool things. Though I did get 1 really gorgeous treasure of a dress from the table, and some other cool things.

    Her doll collection is so beautiful, I don't know why I didn't take pictures of it, it's just so fun to look at, for hours and hours. I was too blown away. I've only been collecting a few years and have never been in a shop that sells Tonner types.

  3. It was an awesome day. I want to add my sincere thanks with others who have expressed appreciation to Marcia for a wonderful BBQ/doll party. She goes all out to make it a wonderful experience for every guest. Also, there were some great dolls/costumes in the display area that other folks brought that evaded capture on film -- Julie B's Danyrus repaint(sp?) and Barbara DeVilbiss's antique reproduction gowns, among others. All were beautifully/creatively wrought.

    And to the very, very generous folks who donated items for the free table and door prizes -- WOW! It was beyond amazing. Guests were fortunate indeed, who carted away these treasures.

    1. Let's not forget your contribution to the event!