No, You're Not Going Blind

I got tired of the black background so I am trying out a simple color scheme for the blog. It's easier to read. I hope you all like it.

For another change of pace, I am posting recent pictures of my Tonner Artemis of Bana Mighdall doll. She is the only 13" Tonner doll I have and unless the sculpt gets "prettied" up, there will not be another. It's not easy getting her to look like a she instead of a he.

Artemis wearing "Spring Romance"
It's not like Robert doesn't know a beautiful face. He's sculpted zillions of them. It's just in the last two years he's got this masculine jaw thing going on. For me, it ruined the Miss Revlon fashion doll to which I was looking forward.

Marcella is pictured here wearing Artemis' original outfit.


  1. Ok... I have to get used to this new look... it just doesn't seem your blog (for now) =)

  2. The new color scheme is refreshing... it's summer, after all, and the lightness seems fitting. Not sure about the font you use for the headings, but if you're having fun, why not. Anyway, it's the substance of the blog that really matters and you usually deliver that beautifully. Kudos on the change.

  3. I like the new colour. The page loads faster and it's easy on the eyes.

  4. Really like the new look. Maybe black for ultra chic fashion collections? As for Tonner and his sculpts, at least he's doing better men sculpts (Yoshio, Andy, Damen)

    Now, to chisel down Matt's jawline and neanderthal eyebrows with a dremel... OR a out in pivoting knee joint for Tyler. Just a thought.

  5. @Steve: I just spent 5 minutes writing a thoughtful response to your post and accidentally deleted it. Oh well.

  6. I thought I was the only one who thought some of the Tonner females looked mannish. I love Tonner, but most times the faces are too masculine for my taste. FR bothers me too, always looking haughty or downright mean. I've tried to collect from both companies, but still prefer the more feminine face of Barbies... even though their quality has gown severely downhill in the past 5 years or so.