I Just Had to Debox Them

I bought the Barbie Louboutin shoe collection although I thought, even on sale, that it was ridiculously overpriced. The packaging was irresistible. When they arrived, I was not disappointed and because the presentation was so pretty, I decided to keep them boxed.
That lasted 2 weeks. But I couldn't stand it. They had to come out. I had to touch every pair of shoes with my grubby hands and play with them.
They are definitely not going to fit my FR dolls but there was a Silkie hanging around and she got to try a pair.
I was pleased to find that there is a box and a shoe bag for each of the nine included pairs of shoes. This is definitely a fun item.


  1. I've read somewhere that if you soak them in warm water for a bit, they can be put on FR.. don't have them, so I couldn't try it. :)

  2. It's a fun pack indeed, too overpriced though (the quality of the shoes isn't the best, and personally out of 9 pairs, only 3 are really appealing to me)

    I only got the 2nd louboutin doll for the outfits / shoes, and the leopard boots from the 1st doll.. they are fabulous...

    Wouldn't it be great if IT would release another shoe pack?