Tonner's Deja Vu Collection Now Shipping

Ever have that strange sensation of overwhelming familiarity, when something shouldn’t be familiar at all?  Penelope Brewster does.  She can’t recall if these experiences are manifesting from something that she’s read in a book or seen in a movie, but…could it be the remembrances of past lives?  She just chalks it up to Déjà Vu™ …but could it really be that simple?  
Follow Penelope as she sets out on her latest adventure across time!
The story line puts Penelope into three times: modern day, Age of Enlightenment and Roaring 20's. My favorite is the latter. The doll from that era is called Emma Jean McGowen. She comes in two basics versions, a dressed doll and a separate outfit. I like the outfits and the brunette doll.
The first two pictures are the basics listed at $99.99 each.
A Slight Chill Dressed Doll $189.99
Dancing the Night Away - Outfit $99
Many collectors love the big period gowns. They are thrilled with these designs which are centered around Anne De Leger. She reminds me of Cinderella in the basic version seen here. Retail price $139.99.
Ma Petite Rose - Outfit $109.99
La Vie de Versailles - Dressed Doll $209.99
Penelope Brewster is the modern day tragic figure in this trio of doomed damsels. She is available in two dressed doll versions at $159.99 each. On the left is "Production Assistant" and on the right is "Around Town."

Click here for the link to the Tonner Doll page featuring Deja Vu.

This line of dolls is available directly from Tonner, not through dealers. Hmmmm.


  1. I really love this line, though I wish she was a little older, but that's ok, she's still incredible to me. I think the face sculpt is beautiful (prettier than almost all the other Tonner girls to me), and the face paints are remarkable so that they each look so different. I don't have room (or the funds) for all of them so I have to pick a few. I already have Afternoon Stroll and I adore her (my period vampires need a sweet pure victim after all), I MUST get La Vie de Versailles if I get no others, and I plan to get Emma Jean basic black hair, I may get the redhead Penelope to have at least 1 from each era, her outfit is cute too.

    Ma Petite Rose is just not the right shade of pink for me, but it's beautiful. I really don't have any big gowns yet on my dolls other than Stroll but I want some. The Anne De Leger basic has a remarkable face too, but she goes in the I can't have them all category. The flapper outfit is a maybe for me, but I may pass on grounds of I have too many not gothy doll outfits and need more darker :).

    I was glad to see at least a few of these are wigged, I wanted one of the original 2 so badly because it sounded like the entire rest of the line was going to be rooted.

    1. Hey Debbie...thank you for sharing your reaction to this line. Which ones are wigged? I didn't read up on the details. About the bigger gowns, the pink one is not to my liking and it may be the color. It's way too Barbie.

  2. I recently picked up two of these dolls. I'm not usually a fan of "open mouths" or teeth showing, but these really are quite lovely. Of the ones pictured, my the Emma Jean brunette stood out. However, she is too much like the Deluxe Tyler Wentworth Signature Style doll (my first Tyler and Tonner doll, and still one of my favorites). Instead, I opted for A Slight Chill for the '20s era, and Production Assistant for the Penelope/modern era. The chestnut hair on the latter is lustrous and beautiful. The clothes (I also purchased several of the outfits) and accessories are well made, and I'm so pleased that I want to buy one of the Anne dolls as well. I'm having trouble deciding, though, because I like the Versaille dress but prefer the Moonlit Romance hair style (not a fan of the dress, though). Decisions!

    1. Sounds like you are having fun!