The Last of the Monogram Dolls?

This doll is called "Interlude." Her fashion (not the bodysuit) is called "Completist." Both were souvenirs from the recent IT convention.

Prior to that, it was announced that the Monogram line is retired. It's too bad because they were some of my favorite dolls. Their faces are beautiful. The line started to falter a bit when the so-called 'basic' dolls were released. Bemused, Envied and Passionate were pretty bad, all dressed the same except for the color, in a too short shirtwaist dress. Those followed shortly after a horrendous MFD exclusive called Exquisite. Her fashion was anything but.
But, when one looks back over the entire line, there are gorgeous suits and gowns and cocktail dresses. Perhaps the dolls were getting over-priced at $160. or did the company focus on the failure of that one season and decide that was it?

Another announcement coming out of the convention is that the designers will now use only 8 sculpts in the Fashion Royalty line: Veronique, Vanessa, Adele, Agnes, Kyori, Eugenia. Elise and Natalia. I think that was a fine decision as I didn't even know who most of the new characters were anyway. Also good, for me, is that I don't care much for the new sculpts of four of the eight (Vero, Van, Adele and Nat.) Their old sculpts were beautiful. But does this mean that Agnes will no longer be considered a special event doll? Who knows?

According to what I'm reading, NuFace will continue but will be on hiatus for a while. No Hommes?
What about Poppy Parker? Victoire Roux? Tulabelle and the giant Poppys?

Looks like IT is cutting the fat. The W Club has also eliminated a liaison, namely Luanne. I'm not so sure she "retired" on her own accord. I'm going to guess that Carol's sister is going to do the liason job now.

At every convention there are announcements of plans going forward. Most of them don't last more than one season in actual practice. Putting Jason's touch back in play did wonders for the convention line. Hopefully they won't forget that.


  1. Hi Terri, I'm hoping this means IT is doing a turnaround on their production end. I was disappointed to see that there were no new FR16s and I'm a little surprised to hear that revisions are being done on a body that has only been used on a small number of dolls so far. I'm wondering if IT is making some changes in their subcontractors....not a bad idea since the quality control issues have continued to plague them for far to long.
    as always love the blog.

    Will C.

    1. Sometimes they throw out the baby with the bath water.

  2. Luanne was a jewel of the Wclub, whoever does fill her shoes will have a daunting task to offer the same care, customer service, and knowledge to the Wclub members...I doubt if I will be joining the club next year...but I was still sad to see her go.

    The Convention dolls overall were stunning this year, however, while I will still buy the occasional doll, I am tired of quality control issues, wonky eyes, and dolls that I have in my collection turning yellow or worry that the necks are going to deteriorate and break and floppy joints. Customer care has always come through for new dolls, but it take the enjoyment out of the arrival of a new doll, when it must be returned for replacement that sometimes can take months when coming from the factory. The rising costs of the dolls and shipping are also making me take a step back and be more particular about what dolls are added to my collection as well. Part of my collection is now being sold and I am only keeping my favourites that I can't bear to part with..it's been a fun ride, but it is time to slow down and smell the coffee and just enjoy and appreciate lesser dolls in my collection.

  3. I noticed that there didn't seem to be any news about Misaki either, she's like the bastard child of IT, they keep pretending that FRNippon is some Japanese company that may have heard about somewhere, but don't know anything about it.

    1. It hasn't been mentioned in a long time. Oh well.

  4. Hello terri , i thibk they will focus on those 8 character but i we see dania maybe in next year convention

    I will be a bit sad as I like the ayumi but she might be in nuface as she a nuface model

    Also I think misaki will show at the beggining
    Of next year